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  • Seducing all the sick girls in the world (Xitulanya)
    "Easy to handle." Lin Jie said coldly, "She just thinks you are a daughter, sooner or later you are someone else, and your nephew is the closest to her. In that case, let Uncle Mi take a concubine for your father and give birth to a few sons. I'll see if she still has the spirit to toss about." Ruan Ning stayed for a while, isn't this the routine in the curtilage? Sure enough is the first...
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  • The original doppelganger
    In a hurry, he suddenly felt a flash of light in the sky, which fell straight to the ground in front of Song Liangli's head, and his sword swayed like an evocation bell, capturing all the people present. Three people suddenly feel someone sneak attack, a gray shadow storm rushed over, a palm shock back jade instrument, Liu Tong, its action clean and neat, draw out the sword, fiercely to the...
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  • Dressed as a tyrant, the little runaway wife (Bufan) Author: Teng Luo Wei Zhi
    Nuonuo suddenly raised his eyes, and the gentle mood in Qiu Li's eyes suddenly disappeared. He looked at Nuonuo and sneered in his heart. He said coldly, "Go and see Grandpa.". He came quickly, too, and must be in a hurry to drink his granddaughter-in-law's tea. Nuonuo was angry, but she knew it was useless to say anything to Qiu Li, the bastard. Since he was able to get the certificate before...
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  • Wu. Move . *** . Kun
    Accompanied by the movement coming from Lin Dong's body, it became more and more violent. Suddenly, a deep sound of dragon singing resounded from his body, and then the blue light spread. It turned out that a layer of blue light condensed cuticle was formed on his skin, which was the "blue dragon skin" after practicing the "blue sky turning into a dragon"! Obviously, in order to cope with the...
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  • Biography of Glacier Heavenly Maiden-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise
    The house that Chen Dingji rented was only two blocks away from the General Office, and it was only a moment away. It was an ordinary two-entry residence. Chen Dingji's official bag was limited, and he only hired a gatekeeper. The four walls inside were depressed, which was far from the style of the Xuanwei Yamen. Chen Tianyu followed his father into the hall, opened the door, and suddenly saw...
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  • Strange horror
    She remembered what Mujing had said. If she continued to escape like this, she would become a real ghost in a month. Finally, she mustered up her courage, picked up a mop in the house and went to the toilet. Mr. Zhang.. Don't you worry.. I, I, I'll go and see. Runli was scared to death, but she gritted her teeth to keep her pace forward. Finally, she came to the door of the toilet. She closed...
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  • Reverse the routine and wear it quickly
    If he hadn't seen Lin Fan killing and robbing, he wouldn't have killed Lin Fan. Just like Xiao Yao and Ye Hao, Qi Lin didn't kill them. Even if the camp is opposed, Qi Lin is not bloodthirsty. But now that he saw Lin Fan kill people, Qi Lin was too lazy not to see it. Those who kill are always killed. After killing Lin Fan, Qi Lin was automatically reminded by his daughter that ten thousand...
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  • Chai Dao Xing
    Two people hurriedly nod, do this kind of task they dare not have a mistake, if wrong, then their own things do not have the whereabouts of it? Besides, also Yan Fang, this name is the kind of rejuvenation prescription, it is estimated that Jiang Ziya and King Wen of Zhou think they are too old, so they want to find this prescription to mend it. Whew-thump! "Whew-snap!" "Crash-" A few loud...
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  • Li Liang-Wonderful Thief Ding Xiaogou Sequel
    "You are very proud?"? You're talking! "Well, I'm just too happy. If the host is all right, the disciple will retire!" Ben saw that he was going to fall out. He was enjoying the glorious results, so he didn't have to provoke him. He hurriedly gave a Buddhist gift and flashed aside. Here we go. In front of everyone, Xu Qing is not too impulsive, quietly drink the last mouthful of porridge, has...
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  • I am the master of my ancient times.
    I laughed at Shangguan Xuanyu's words. Anyway, he's not talking about me. So I still sat on the bed quietly and silently, waiting for him to lift the hood. What's the matter? Why is your temper so good today? As if he hadn't vented enough, Shangguan Xuanyu continued to sneer at me. Oh ~ I know, you want me to favor you, right? I tell you, in this life you don't want to! You're not even...
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