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  • Random flowers fly over the swing.
    Ye Xiaosan touched her chin and said to herself, "Haha, I'm silly again. How can I be feared by such a beautiful young swordsman?"? It was the little witch who, like a wild monkey, was so abominable that she snatched away the scrolls of God that I had stolen. Call me a generation of thief night small three feelings how can! It turned out that he had stolen the scrolls of God that day, and he...
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  • Beastmaster Ranger
    "That great beast of the sea!" Feng Yafei has been frightened to look out of the window, those lightning under the countless waves, seems to have turned into a monster, so that she is more frightened to hide behind Shi Haoyu. Big brother, I all remember, the old man in the village once said that in the deep sea west of the coastline, there is a dangerous hurricane archipelago, which is guarded...
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  • Demon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise
    The clans closest to natural creatures are the best at this kind of natural rhythm magic. My soul song can urge plants to grow and control the movements of natural creatures, although human beings are advanced. Creatures, however, are ultimately in the golden rule of biology. What I have just said is just a gentle song to urge the growth of living things. If you don't come out again, the...
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  • Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation)
    "Your majesty, now we have no other way to go, in addition to consolidate and close relations with the alliance of the three countries and the Nanyang alliance, there is the use of Japanese involved in the Tang Dynasty part of the energy, in addition, I also intend to bypass the sea secret visit to Libya countries, I believe they are now as restless as we are, if we can establish a more...
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  • Protect the flower bell
    The wind filled the sky with a deep sigh and said, "No wonder people in the martial arts world call your teacher the first warrior in Jianghu. Today, it seems that your name is really worthy of your name!" Nangong Pingzhan smiled. "As the saying goes," said Feng Mantian, "the strong will overcome the weak, and the brave will overcome the timid. Although the island master's martial arts are...
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  • A Shilling Candle _ Josephine Tiei _ txt Novel Paradise
    By this time she was on her feet, her hands thrust deep into the pockets of her worn jacket, and she bulged two balls on her clothes. The two cuffs of her fedora were worn out and covered with threads cut by thorns. The skirt was too short, and a stocking was twisted and curled up on the leg. Only her shoes — as scarred as her hands, but thick enough to fit, and of the highest quality...
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  • Mirror Twin Cities
    "Shh." Yang Gongquan bluffed a big jump, hurriedly went to block his wife's mouth, listened carefully to the noise next door, and scolded in a low voice, "muddle-headed guy, you live impatiently dare to hit others?"? Do you know how powerful that Murong Childe is? Even the ghost concubine on Tianque speaks politely to him! How dare you think so? "What about the newspaper officer?" Huang Shi...
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  • Undead keeper
    The next moment, in the dense sound, the escaping crowd hit an elastic air wall one after another, fell back one after another, looking at the empty space in front of them, everyone could not help but stay away! Alas.. Just when Wang Ming was puzzled by what had happened, the voice of the God of death rang in surprise: "Your Majesty, you are really amazing. You have mastered the ability of the...
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  • The Beggar Bride of the President
    Ji Da reporters did not give them a chance to slip away, give full play to the spirit of clinging, and immediately catch up with them in front of them. A group of onlookers saw that the good play began to be staged and immediately shifted their positions to watch the performance. Who said that Chinese people like to watch the fun is absolutely true. There are more and more onlookers, and they...
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  • The Lord is mighty
    First of all, like what we did in the retreat of the divine consciousness before, we don't want to do it now. After all, before Zhou Tian can do nothing, the main reason is that when he does those things, the divine world will not intervene, so according to his means, even if he takes some risks, Zhou Tian can also annex those powerful worlds. But now the consciousness of the divine world has...
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