Path Of exile has an incredibly advanced and in-depth economy system, surprisingly involved with everything from currency exchange rates, speculative investments, and even gambling. In this Poe Currency Farming Topic Igvault Will share farming guides for make more poe currency.

Farming Currency

You can do these tips pretty easily, and it only gets more profitable if you focus on doing one of these exclusively. Of course, one of the easiest ways to make money in POE is just to play the game. As you kill mobs, items will drop, and there will almost always be currency in those drops. Filtering through the thousands of item drops in POE can really be helped by using a good loot filter.

Knowing Currency values is vital to farming effectively.


Farming maps and running them as efficiently as possible is hands down the easiest way to make PoE Orbs in POE. The general idea is to increase Pack Size and Item Quantity on your maps to maximize loot drop potential. Here’s a basic strategy for doing that:

White Maps — Tiers 1–5 — Upgrade to Magic using Transmutations and Augmentations, avoiding any map modifiers that might kill you, like Reflect.

Yellow Maps — Tiers 6–10 — Upgrade to Rare using Alchemy and Chaos, avoiding any map modifiers that might kill you, like Reflect. For added Quantity and Pack Size, Vaal them, hoping for 8 modifiers.

Red Maps — Tiers 11–16 — Map Master encounters are also great sources of extra mechanics for loot. Alva and the Incursion mechanics are a strong contender next to Nico and Delving for best currency farming.

Loot Filter

Picking up loot wantonly may seem like a good idea at first. But as you progress further along the game, you’ll soon realize that it’s not the most efficient way to do it. By setting your loot filter to your preferences you can eliminate the less valuable ones and make room for the profitable ones in your inventory. We’re not going to coach you in this regard as it’s really a case to case basis that depends on player preferences. But we are going to assert the importance of loot filtering as it saves precious time and effort! We leave the rest wholly up to you.


Crafting is an incredibly in-depth topic in POE, so we’re going to have to condense the topic down a bit for the purposes of this guide.

The general idea with crafting or selling items on the in-game market is split three ways in most cases. You’re either creating high-end items that top-tier players are buying copies of via Mirror services, you’re creating decent loot by modifying good base items, or you’re grabbing decent loot and selling it to the players who are not as far along in content as you. Most players will fall into the latter two categories as high-end crafting is very currency intensive. With that said, there are a few tricks to make easy currency throughout the course of a league.


If you have the experience, this may be the easiest way to make money. You will participate in Poe transactions and wait for people to sell items far below their actual prices. For example, the hunter's tailwind boots are worth having two noble spheres, but if someone who doesn't know their real value sells them at ten chaos, you can snipe and sell the boots price and make a profit. If you are interested in flipping, you need to understand the product, understand the game and what stats are good, do many searches, then make a Poe transaction, snipe the work, and sell it at the actual price.

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