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Looking for a residential architectural designer in South London? GBS Architectural can help with all aspects of your property renovation from concept through planning and to completion

People and Housing go hand in hand with one another, where you will find people, you’ll find housing and vice versa. Understanding the unbreakable bond between these two pillars is key to ensuring a successful architectural project. It is the role of the residential architectural designer to ensure that this fundamental aspect is maintained through out every stage of the process.

What is a Residential Architectural Designer?

It may seem obvious, but we are asked this all the time, it can be quite a difficult question to answer because the nature of our work is that the deliverables such as drawings for planning permission or for building control submission can look similar to other practises.

A residential architectural designer is in the simplest terms an architectural designer that specializes in residential projects. They have a clear understanding of what makes residential design effective and how to ensure that a client’s brief is maximised whilst also ensuring that the project remains within a proposed budget.

Similar to an architectural designer they will produce all drawings required for your residential project whilst also handling all the aspects in between such as planning submissions and liaising with other third-party professionals.

What sets an architectural designer apart from a residential architectural designer is that they know the exact processes and constraints that will be applied to your project externally from your local authority or building control officer and blend this with a level of experience and knowledge of residential design that will allow your project to maximise its potential.

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