The flag of the Tianlong Federation is hanging high there. Standing under the flagpole, Lin Fei thought, "I'm here to watch the fun today.". After watching the excitement, I should find a reason to leave. The little princess is still waiting for her to buy rice. The rice in the basement is finished. Thinking of this, he opened his mouth and said, "I am a student of Beidou Military Academy, the second in the world. You are my idol and the guide of my life.". Huangji Jiuzhuan is known as the best melee combat skill in the world. I am a mecha fighter. This set of unique learning has a great attraction for me. But I'm a sniper Mech pilot. I believe the sniper rifle in my hand will be on the battlefield in the future. I won't let the enemy come within ten paces of me. I'm going to be a great sniper. An outstanding sniper, with a sniper rifle is enough, no amount of close combat moves can only distract me. Therefore, I decided not to learn Huangji Jiuzhuan, and I left Liu Li's tutor. Then Lin Fei strode out of the training room. You Instructor Liu Li was very angry after listening to Lin Fei's words, but she could not refute them. Her squad is a sniper squad, and her close combat moves are only auxiliary. Lin Fei, one more close combat move, maybe one more capital to survive on the battlefield, after you go to the battlefield,rapid sand filters, maybe the enemy will be close to your body, when the time comes, this set of Huangji Nine Chop is your hope to survive. Lan Linger shouted at Lin Fei's back. I believe that the gun in my hand will definitely kill the enemy before he gets close to me. A sniper. One gun is enough. I don't have to learn other melee moves. I just need to improve my sniping ability in the future. Lin Fei looked back at Lan Linger and said with a smile. He watched Lin Fei walk out of the training room. All the students and Liu Li realized that Lin Fei had skipped class again. He may become the strongest sniper because he has the belief to become the strongest sniper. Instructor Liu Li thought in her heart. At this time, Liu Li instructor did not know that the real reason why Lin Fei did not learn Huangji Nine Chops was that Lin Fei had learned it completely, and he did not need to learn it again to waste time. I went to the supermarket to buy a bag of rice and returned to the villa. Lin Fei's cell phone rang again, and this time it was actually a dark non-flower call. Lin Fei put it through. God of war,lamella clarifer, I heard that you have dedicated Huangji Jiuzhuan to the Tianlong Federation. For the development of the holy religion, you can also give me a share. Now I can get the first sixty strokes of Huangji Nine Chop at most through the inside line of the military. The remaining twenty-one strokes could not be obtained because of insufficient authority. "Huahua, it's no use for you to let your subordinates learn Huangji Nine Chop. Let's do this. I'll give you a big gift. You wait for me for two days. I'll sort it out. I'll send you the weaknesses of every move of Huangji Nine Chop." "Good job, God will bless you." Dark non-flower said excitedly. In the basement of the villa. The little princess Wu Xiaoman was staring at the cherry tree outside the small iron bed. She has been imprisoned in this basement for more than two years, Huangji Jiuzhuan, practicing every day, and every move has been used against Lin Fei in the virtual mecha confrontation, but all of them are seconds. Father, isn't my Huang Ji Jiu Chop skillful enough? You once told me that Huangji Jiuzhuan is the best move in the world, but why don't I see a blow in front of the second move in the world? At this time, the little princess did not know. Her father's Huang Ji Jiu Chop was also vulnerable in front of Lin Fei. The little princess began to fall into the memory, fine bubble diffuser ,disc air diffuser, and in a flash of inspiration, she thought of a conversation when she was eight years old. When she was eight years old, she rode on her father's back and was taken to a mecha. The father pointed to the energy knife in the mecha's hand and said, "This is the guardian mecha of the Hundred Beasts Empire, the afterlife body. The Huangji Nine Chops in the hands of the afterlife body are the strongest moves in the universe.". "Ninety-nine and eighty-one strokes of Huangji's nine beheadings are invincible in the world." "Father.". Which of the eighty-one strokes of Huangji Nine Chops is the strongest? Asked Wu Xiaoman, who was eight years old at the time. The last move of the eighty-one moves is the most powerful, but the strongest move of Huangji Nine Chops is not it. Your great-great-grandfather, he created this set of knife moves. On the last page of the introduction of Huangji Nine Chops, he wrote that he could merge the eighty-one moves into one move. That's the strongest, but your great-great-grandfather didn't succeed in fusing the eighty-one moves of Huangji Nine Chops. His descendants, that is, we, have not made the last move. "Father, when I grow up in the future, I will succeed in the fusion of the ninety-nine and eighty-one strokes, and I will create the strongest one." Said eight-year-old Wu Xiaoman, riding on his father's shoulders. Yes, combine Huang Ji's nine cuts and eighty-one moves into one move. Only in this way can we defeat Lin Fei. To be free. Father, I will certainly fuse Huang Ji Jiu Chop, and then defeat Lin Fei to get free. Wu Xiaoman said silently to the cherry tree outside the iron window. Huangji Nine Chops Eighty-one strokes, each nine strokes are divided into one category, which can be divided into nine categories, namely: stabbing, pricking, cutting, chopping, splitting, sweeping, lifting, pushing and cutting. To merge ninety-nine and eighty-one moves into one move, Wu Xiaoman knew that this was a huge project, so she decided to merge eighty-one moves into nine moves according to the way of the knife. Thinking of this, Wu Xiaoman boarded the virtual mecha cab again. Began to practice the fusion of Huangji Nine Chops. The next day. Night. Lin Fei took the evil dragon to the Colosseum again. After a bloody struggle, the evil dragon won again. Just as Lin Fei was about to leave the underground casino with the evil dragon. Four men dressed in black appeared in Lin Fei's rest room. Let us have the dog, boy. Make me an offer. One of the four men in black said to Lin Fei. No, this is my dog. Lin Fei answered directly. How about lending me some time to breed with my dog? I have a Siberian police dog,filter nozzle, and the next generation of them will be an outstanding war dog. I will give you 10 million federal yuan as a reward. The man in black continued. Evil dragon, you can stay if you want. Lin Fei said to the evil dragon. When the evil dragon heard this, his head began to shake desperately.