The Red Butterfly took a deep look at Wang Lin, and she had to admit that this man was qualified to fight with herself. The tiger breathed a sigh of relief in the dark. He smiled bitterly in his heart. If he had known that these two people had had sex, he would never have called them here. That's all for the Red Butterfly. This Ceng Niu, in the early stage of deification, can fight with the later stage. It's not simple. Such a character will surely shine brilliantly in the rosefinch star in the future. It's not impossible for the rosefinch country to lead him as a disciple. All right, Red Butterfly Taoist and Zeng Niu, you two come with me. The place where the jade slips are printed is still far away from here. The tiger took a deep breath, folded his fists and said. With that, he moved and flew forward. Without even looking at Wang Lin, the red butterfly turned into a red cloud and ran parallel to the tiger, apparently unwilling to yield to it. Wang Lin's eyes showed a trace of sarcasm, and his body followed behind. After all, the mind of the Tao is unstable, and it has been transformed into a God for a hundred years. Although it is a miracle, there are too many drawbacks. There is still a lot of difference in the nature of the mind. Just flying, how can it come before and after? Wang Lin secretly said. With my present cultivation, I have no chance to win the first battle with this woman unless I use the power of the Forbidden Banner. The artistic conception of life and death can hardly shake the ruthless artistic conception that is close to Dacheng. But if I reach the middle stage of deification, with the artistic conception of life and death at that time, I can certainly influence this woman. Even if I do not use the power of the Forbidden Banner, I am 70% sure that I can defeat this woman. Wang Lin's artistic conception of life and death evolved from the way of reincarnation. However, with his cultivation in the early stage of deification, he could not bring the changes between life and death into full play. After all, he had just realized the way of heaven. But once it reaches the middle stage of deification, the artistic conception of life and death will climb to a higher level. At that time, with the power of its artistic conception,fine bubble diffuser, it will surely be comparable to the ruthless artistic conception of this woman. At present, I do not know whether this woman has reached the level of breaking away from the formula, but seeing that her mind is unstable, I am afraid that she has not yet reached this level. In contrast, she has not yet reached this level. Take a step forward! Wang Lin secretly said. After reaching the deification period, Wang Lin felt more and more that all the skills in the world, unless they were some extremely profound magical powers, were already useless. The deification monks could trigger the power of heaven and earth by waving their hands. Therefore, their main application still depended on their own understanding of the artistic conception. The artistic conception of life and death is changeable,Rotating sludge scraper, which is a word of change, but this word of "change" is not so easy to understand thoroughly after all. At present, Wang Lin is just an introduction. When can it be done? In a magic, the artistic conception of life and death is all contained in it, and all changes are enveloped on it. Only then can it be said that the artistic conception of life and death is a great achievement, and the change of birth and death can be controlled by waving hands, replacing reincarnation to exercise the law of heaven and earth. During the flight, Wang Lin carefully experienced the battle with the Red Butterfly just now, and his experience gradually rose. Three people are not idle people, the speed is naturally fast, before long, then in the tiger led the way, came to the other end of the fairy world fragments here, here, there is a mountain. This mountain is shaped like a dragon, where the dragon head is located: in the clouds, it is ethereal and empty, wall penstocks ,rapid sand filters, and it is a rare place like a fairy. Brother Hu, why hasn't the place where the jade was rubbed been discovered until now? This question still needs to be answered by Brother Hu. Wang Lin looked up at the peak and said slowly. The tiger stood in the air and said with a smile, "To tell you the truth, Brother Zeng, the reason why I'm so sure about the place where the jade slips were printed is that the fragments where they are can't come from the whirlpool." There was interest in Wang's eyes. The red butterfly's eyes froze and looked at the tiger. Chi Hu said with a smile, "The fragment of the jade slip is a very rare overlapping fragment in the fairy world." The king's expression moved slightly, and he immediately understood that there were many fragments in the fairy world, which belonged to irregular division. Under the strange coincidence, there would naturally be a few fragments overlapping, so it was really difficult to be found. Even if it comes randomly from the whirlpool, it is at most on the first fragment, and no one can imagine that there are fragments below. According to this statement, it is indeed possible to ensure that it will not be discovered. Moreover, even the first fragment is not a place to enter at will, where the environment simply can not construct any transport array, so even if someone inadvertently enters, it is difficult to stay. Chihu laughed. "Lord Xi Zu," said the Red Butterfly with a sneer, "how did you discover it?" "Red Butterfly Taoist friend, this matter involves my giant demon clan secret, I am not in a position to tell you." Said the tiger with a flash of his eyes. Wang Lin looked at the dragon-shaped peak and did not speak. As soon as the tiger moved, he flew toward the top of the dragon-shaped mountain. Soon, the three of them came to the top of the mountain and stepped on the dragon's head. The tiger's spirit swept away and said, "I came here to explore a month ago. The transport array here is still intact. If you enter from this transport array, you can go to the nearest place to the debris." With these words, he raised his feet and stepped on an open space. Suddenly, the open space flashed and the tiger disappeared. The Red Butterfly took one look at Wang Lin, her eyes twinkled, and then, without saying a word, she entered the formation. When the figure of the red butterfly disappeared, Wang Lin calmly stepped into the formation. In one of the many fragments of the fairy world, near the southern end, the environment is extremely harsh, full of raging cold currents, and the ground is frozen everywhere. Wang Lin immediately frowned when she walked out of the mid-air formation, but when she saw the red butterfly, her face showed a look of enjoyment. Obviously, this place was not uncomfortable for her, but extremely comfortable. Red Butterfly Taoist, this is the land leading to the first layer of debris, three hundred thousand miles from the east, is the land of ten thousand years of ice, where you need the magic of Taoist to resist the cold current. After the cold current, the fairy world will devour nothingness. I have a compass to lock the reverse direction, so that the three of us will not be lost in nothingness. Brother Zeng, your soul like a soul is the best in nothingness, so don't hold your hand when you see it. Through nothingness, you can enter the first layer of debris. After all, there is no transport array, there is only one way to ensure that the three of us enter. Said the tiger in a deep voice. After listening to this, Wang Lin's heart is clear, this is where the tiger found himself, because he took a fancy to the wandering soul,Belt Filter Press, afraid that there is a link, with the help of the wandering soul, will be easy to get through.