I laughed at Shangguan Xuanyu's words. Anyway, he's not talking about me. So I still sat on the bed quietly and silently, waiting for him to lift the hood. What's the matter? Why is your temper so good today? As if he hadn't vented enough, Shangguan Xuanyu continued to sneer at me. Oh ~ I know, you want me to favor you, right? I tell you, in this life you don't want to! You're not even qualified to be in this bed. Get out of here right now! I'm still not moving. 'What's The matter? Why don't you go? Do I need to invite you myself? As if because I did not respond, Shangguan Xuanyu fire, quickly walked to me quickly lifted my skull, "you do not look at you." But as soon as I saw my face, everything stopped. I must drink too much, otherwise how can I see Shuier sitting here as my bride. She has so many good men to accompany her, how can she remember me. Shangguan Xuanyu stepped back and sat down on the stool, holding his head in one hand and smiling bitterly. I'm still not moving to see how far he can direct and act like this. No, you're Fleur! You must be wearing a mask! What are you up to?! As if he had found a reason he could believe, Shangguan Xuanyu stood up and rushed to me again, holding my face and looking left and right,rotary vacuum disc filters, touching his hands as if he wanted to find something that didn't fit his skin. Shangguan Xuanyu! Don't give me some sunshine! This is not looking for a mask to wear on my face, ah, simply want to give me a layer of skin! Since I don't believe I'll be here, I'll go and send you your Queen Furong later! "No!" Shangguan Xuanyu grabbed me who wanted to leave, hugged me from behind, and circled me tightly into his arms. I just want water, I just want you,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and I don't want anyone else. Shuier, don't go. "Do you dare to pretend that I am Furong?" In fact, I was not angry at all. I just wanted to sober him up. Shuixin: Do you sober up like this? Look at his delirious appearance and still keep calling my name, even if there is a big fire, it will disappear. No, I dare not, Shuier, don't go. Don't go.. The sound became lighter and lighter, and finally it turned into a uniform breathing sound. It seems that he can't wake up for a day or a night. I wonder how much he drank? To be drunk to such an extent is really not something that ordinary people can do. Brother Huang, I have something to see you! Then from outside the door came the anxious voice of Shangguan Chenfeng. Wang Ye, tonight is the emperor's wedding night. If there is anything, please ask Wang Ye to say in the court tomorrow. A eunuch's voice then sounded, MBR reactor ,Wall Penstocks, there is no other eunuch with the humble, but full of threats, there is no fear of Shangguan Chenfeng's meaning. Let him come in. I said in the voice of Shangguan Xuanyu, sighing again, it's really good to be able to change the voice. O(∩_∩)O~ "Your Majesty, this." "Yes!" The eunuch wanted to say something else, but Chen Feng interrupted him earlier and stopped him from saying what he was going to say next. You stand down. In order not to make people suspicious, I also pretended to be drunk and said, but there was no less dignity in my words. Sure that the eunuch had left, Shangguan Chenfeng quickly flashed in and closed the door. Brother Huang, how did you. In the middle of the question, he blushed at the ambiguous posture of the two of us and stopped. Don't blush. Xuanyu is asleep. Let's get him to bed first. I rolled my eyes helplessly when I saw Chen Feng acting like a child. Morning maple is very obedient to come over to help me, after the eyes do not blink to stare at me, as if to stare me out of a hole. Knowing that he was worried about me, I haven't seen them since I entered Yunshui City this morning. I just asked the five elements to call Ling Yehan out. Morning maple will have such a reaction is not surprising, but let me apologize to them more deeply. I don't want to hurt any of them, but they are on tenterhooks for me. Morning maple, long time no see. It's only been more than half a month. Walk over obediently, and before he grabs me violently, it's better to go by yourself. Put your hands around his waist, put your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat. The sound of his heart beating tells me how excited he is now and how he can't believe what he sees in front of him, but it's true. Don't doubt what you see, because it's all true. I'm home "Water, water, water.." The morning maple that reacts to come over also hugs me tightly like Xuan Yu, keep reading my name in my ear. As if he was telling me about his endless yearning for me. I know, I know. But now is not the time for us to catch up. I know it sucks to interrupt him now, but the time is coming, and I have to go to see Guan Qing's play. Now go to find Xia Tianyu and them, and we will go to the palace of the Qing Dynasty to play with the prince. By the way, you help me find Murong Hong and let him protect Xuan Yu. With Murong Hong, we are only brother and sister, so I can still avoid him, do not let myself fall too deep, deep to the point that I can not control. Qingwangfu? But he has his father in his hand, and we can't touch him. Chen Feng, who had recovered from the excitement, suddenly thought of the most important question and asked me with a little worry. I've solved it. He gave him a look of "I can do anything" so that he could feel at ease. What I need most in this secret war is their trust in me. Although it will be over in a few hours, I have to make all the preparations before it is really over. ——————————————————— This is the second watch of Shuixin today,Lamella Plate Settler, although the number of words is a little less, it is also to make up for yesterday's article ~ O(∩_∩)O~ This book was first published by Xiaoxiang Academy, please do not reprint! Unification: Chapter 43. khnwatertreatment.com