Two people hurriedly nod, do this kind of task they dare not have a mistake, if wrong, then their own things do not have the whereabouts of it? Besides, also Yan Fang, this name is the kind of rejuvenation prescription, it is estimated that Jiang Ziya and King Wen of Zhou think they are too old, so they want to find this prescription to mend it. Whew-thump! "Whew-snap!" "Crash-" A few loud noises suddenly echoed in the sky, and the three people who were eating looked out in surprise. The fireworks are as beautiful as the flowers blooming in the night, drifting in the sky for a long time and refusing to disperse. This is the celebration on the eve of the fight, and these beautiful flowers can be seen in the night sky in every corner of the game. Whether in the city, or on the road, or killing monsters, resting,asrs warehouse, everyone can see the beautiful scenery in the sky when they look up. People either sigh or sigh that these fireworks, whether they stay for a long time or bloom in patterns, are much more beautiful than the real fireworks. Even people who were not interested in fireworks are stretching their necks and looking up at this time. Hehehehe, the tournament is around the corner. I don't know how many strong people will appear this time. Jiang Ziya stroked his beard and looked at the blooming night with a smile. My schedule has been arranged. It's nine o'clock in the morning on the first game day tomorrow. What about yours? Mu Yuechen found that his arm ring had a hint, looked down and asked Wen Yu. I am at eleven o'clock,warehouse storage racks, and then there is the team competition of the second game day. We are in the afternoon, at half past two. "It seems that you two have also participated in the tournament. I wish you success in advance!" Volume III Ou Fu Those Things Chapter 46 Cousin's Phone Call Chapter 46 my cousin's phone call. "Don't look, let's hurry up, several alliance mercenary regiments have arrived, if we are late and drag everyone's hind legs, we will not look good." "Yes, let's work harder!"! Green Dragon City is just ahead! A team, a group, each neat team is heading for the small harbor east of Qinglong City, they are moving forward quickly under the light of gorgeous fireworks as the background. (Friday, push back racking system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, April 25, 2013) On the 25th day, the atmosphere was very unusual, which did not only refer to the anomalies in the game, but also to reality. Whether sitting on the bus, or walking on the road, or even after work, the inexplicable excitement of colleagues all point to the same thing: the fight at night. Wen Yu listened to several strong laborers who were carrying books around him discussing the matter in a low voice. He couldn't help sighing in his heart: The popularity of this game is almost more than that of the Olympic Games. If this game really wants to do something in society, then it has already succeeded more than half. That night, as soon as Wen Yu entered the door, he found that today was not quite the same as the previous two days-there was nothing more at the door of his house. Xiaoyu, are you back? The meal is ready. When the mother found her daughter's arrival, she got up and went to the kitchen to serve the dishes. Didn't the bitch come today? Wen Yu put the bag in his room and asked loudly to his mother outside. Why do people have time to come every day? The mother glared at her. When did the child become so ugly? Even if that Zhao Jian didn't have any good intentions, she shouldn't have said that. Hum Wen Yu snorted lightly, and she estimated that it was because of the competition today that the guy could not come over. This time Wen Yu was really right. Cheng Ye's unit held a one-day meeting for the participants alone today, formulating tactics and boosting morale. Zhao Jian had already left his original unit. Anyway, he would help his father in the future. Who would work hard for others and stay in other people's mercenary corps? So in addition to running around Wenyu's house these days, he planned all kinds of shady and shameful things with several leaders in Cheng Ye's company. A family of three sat in front of the TV and had dinner. These days, the TV screen was also occupied by the grand occasion inside the game. A separate channel was opened to broadcast videos inside various games every day. At this time, the tournament had already started in some time zones, and all kinds of wonderful pictures appeared on the TV screen one by one. Bell- " The phone rang suddenly, and the nearest mother got up to answer it. Wen Yu and his father were still sitting in front of the TV watching the game. Xiaoyu, your sister has something to do with you. The old voice came, let Wen Yu Leng for a moment, sister? Which sister? "Hello?" "Sister, you haven't been out with others for months. Your sister is traumatized and wants you to compensate me." A sour voice came from the phone, Wen Yu's mouth twitched twice unconsciously. It turned out to be the young lady of her uncle's family. If you just listen to her voice like this, people will mistake her for a beautiful woman. But if you see the young lady who is two points stronger than Qiuqiu and three points shorter than Qiuqiu, she will be so sweet to you. I guess everyone can't help shivering when they think about it, right? It seems Not accepting her buddy badge the other day was absolutely the right choice! Don't you know? I changed my job. I'm very busy now. I don't have time to go out to play. "It's OK to accompany others in the game ~ They are so boring to say ~" Can you be a little more charming? Wen Yu's eyebrow angle also twitches, this young lady really kicks the nose on the face, others want to refuse her tactfully,heavy duty cantilever racks, she pretends not to hear the appearance, but also tries to pull others: "In the game?"? I'm going to Thailand now. Do you want to go too? Thailand? What are you doing there? Hearing Wen Yu's answer, the young lady was so stunned that she even forgot about pretending to be coquettish.