If he hadn't seen Lin Fan killing and robbing, he wouldn't have killed Lin Fan. Just like Xiao Yao and Ye Hao, Qi Lin didn't kill them. Even if the camp is opposed, Qi Lin is not bloodthirsty. But now that he saw Lin Fan kill people, Qi Lin was too lazy not to see it. Those who kill are always killed. After killing Lin Fan, Qi Lin was automatically reminded by his daughter that ten thousand garbage was worth it. Qi Lin was a little surprised. He thought it was only five thousand. [Dad, Zhao Linger only had five thousand at that time because she hadn't had time to do evil, and Lin Fan's strength was not inferior to Zhao Linger's, and his blood was much more than Zhao Linger's, so his garbage was worth more.] Lin Fan's strength is not inferior to Zhao Linger? Hearing his daughter say this, Qi Lin's eyes brightened and he began to turn over Lin Fan's body. It really made him find a lot of good things. After all, Lin Fan is also a person with his own memory of the future. If he doesn't know how to search for some treasures in advance, it's too bad. Linger, come and divide the spoils. Qi Lin is not a person who eats alone. He was just a picky eater, picking up the best things, and then gave the rest of the atmosphere to Zhao Linger. Zhao Linger glared at Qi Lin. You gave me these things just to frame me,push back racking system, didn't you? Qi Lin nodded and said confidently, "Yes." Zhao Linger feels Mimi's pain. But baby, don't do it for nothing. Kill Lin Fan, get his fairy fate order and treasure, two people have already completed the plan. Qi Lin did not continue to stay outside, with Zhao Linger directly back home. Of course,industrial racking systems, he dressed up Zhao Linger so that others could not recognize him. In his position, no one will care if he goes out and brings a woman back. After returning to Shi's home, Qi Lin and Shi Xuan communicated with each other, and Shi Xuan told him that the holy places had begun to prepare for the Butian Sect. The planning has been basically completed, and we are waiting for an opportunity. If there is no accident this time, Butianjiao is doomed. But you don't have to care about this problem, you can solve it first, and you must fight for the fairy fate. This is Shi Xuan's exhortation to Qi Lin. Qi Lin naturally accepted good advice. He's not going to do it himself. It's stupid. Qi Lin put his energy on Ye Hao. It will take twenty-one days for the book of seven arrows to be officially completed, and the time is coming soon. But what Qi Lin did not expect was that on the evening of the twentieth day after the use of the book of seven arrows with nails, the order of immortality was suddenly opened. All the people who have the order of immortality, no matter what state they are in, metal racking systems ,metal racking systems, no matter where they are, are all covered by a layer of white light at the same time, and then pulled into a strange world. At that time, Qi Lin and Zhao Linger had just finished clapping, and they were chatting, and the result was suddenly transmitted. When Qi Lin opened his eyes again, he did not see Zhao Linger. What he saw was a black cat with a pair of black-rimmed glasses. Qi Lin was startled and blurted out: "Gou..." Dad, be careful. Violence is not advisable. This is a newly born river crab mythical beast. Qi Lin:.. I read less and you don't lie to me? Does the river crab look like this? Chapter 88 silent 404 (first watch). The river crab mythical beast is indeed not a cat. But this is really the egg of the river crab God beast. The daughter confirmed this again. [Dad, the body of the crab mythical beast will not be seen by other species. All the crab mythical beasts will change into the appearance of other species. This is the convention of their race.] "One clan?"? Are there many river crabs and mythical beasts? Not many. As far as I know, there is only one in the fairy world. This is the second one. Qi Lin: "…" Awesome, my main character. "Then how do you know it's a river crab?" Purified breath. It can destroy me. This is the only breath that belongs to the crab God beast. Qi Lin and the black cat stared at each other. Why didn't he see that this guy had any destructive breath? Stupid earthlings. The black cat suddenly opened his mouth and startled Qi Lin. You're the black cat. Your whole family is black. Awesome, my black cat. Earthman, I warn you, if you call me Lord Meow like that again, I will let you know what is called'Silent 404 '. The black cat, oh, no, it's the cat's paw, pointing to Qi Lin's nose and saying to him. Qi Lin feels very strange. Brother, why are you so cute? Qi Lin asked it. Lord Meow is angry again. "Who is your brother? Lord Meow has only sisters and no brothers." Qi Lin: "…" He caught the black cat, turned it over and looked at it. It's actually female. [Daughter: Dad, that's not how you die..] Lord Meow is out of anger. Earthman, I want to destroy you, I want to turn you into ashes, and I want you to know what 404 is. Lord Meow bared his teeth. Qi Lin raised his eyebrows. Don't pretend. You're not growing. Lord Meow quieted down immediately. How do you know that? "Nonsense, the crab God beast is the only one in the world, so precious species, but the second one was born. It would be strange if you could be normal." This is the basic routine of the novel. How can you hide from Qi Daguanren? The cat was silent for two minutes, then patted Qi Lin on the shoulder and asked him sincerely, "Brother, so you have come to your senses?" Qi Lin:.. Don't you have a brother? From now on you are. Apart from anything else, brother, let me ask you, would you like to dedicate yourself to Lord Meow? "No." Qi Lin did not hesitate at all. Lord Meow: … Do you have any idea what you just turned down? Do you know what opportunities Lord Meow will give you once he is fully evolved? "Come on, tell me, how can you evolve?" "Eat you." The mouth of Lord Meow immediately drooled. Qi Lin understands in seconds. In a world,industrial racking systems, in general, the protagonist's aura is the most awesome. But no matter how awesome the protagonist's aura is, it can't stop the power of the river crab God beast. It seems that the river crab God beast Tianke protagonist halo. The river. 。 kingmoreracking.com