She remembered what Mujing had said. If she continued to escape like this, she would become a real ghost in a month. Finally, she mustered up her courage, picked up a mop in the house and went to the toilet. Mr. Zhang.. Don't you worry.. I, I, I'll go and see. Runli was scared to death, but she gritted her teeth to keep her pace forward. Finally, she came to the door of the toilet. She closed her eyes and opened the door. When she opened her eyes again, she saw nothing. It was an ordinary toilet. This made her breathe a sigh of relief, and she looked into the mirror just in case, making sure that there was nothing in the mirror that was different from the real thing. Then she opened the toilet tank, which was still storing water, just now. Something did stay here! At this time, Zhang Tong, who was outside, noticed that Runli had a strange reaction when she read the newspaper just now, so he opened the drawer and took out the newspaper again. Soon,shuttle rack system, he also turned to the page and almost screamed. He clutched at the terrible edition and thought only of burning it quickly. So he took the newspaper to the gas stove and turned on the blue flame, which was the maximum firepower. Then he pulled out the plate and was about to burn it on the fire when he almost collapsed! On that page.. It was originally the scene of Tang Hui's body falling on the stairs, but now. This page is filled with Tang Hui's whole horrible face! "Ghost, there really is a ghost!" He made a quick decision, picked up the newspaper and threw it on the gas stove, but. There is no fire on the gas stove! Runli heard Zhang Tong's cry and was ready to go out, but she went to twist the doorknob of the toilet. It won't open! Zhang Tong simply did not burn,pallet rack shelving, picked up the page of the newspaper, ready to tear, but at that moment, suddenly a gust of wind blew outside the window, the newspaper immediately left his hand, covering his whole face! When Runli finally came out of the toilet, she saw Zhang Tong lying on the ground in the kitchen, his face covered with a newspaper. She had a premonition of something, crouched down slowly, and then opened the newspaper. Despite her premonition, she screamed. Zhang Tong's head has been completely turned into a skeleton! < a href = > Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,automated warehouse systems, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 11 Room 1401 Updated February 16, 2009 9:36:14 Words: 4448 "I can't forgive.." Absolutely unforgivable! When Runli saw the body of Zhang Tong who died tragically, her original fear was completely replaced by anger! "How many more people have to die to be enough." How many people have to die before you are satisfied! They're all good people. When are you going to stop? At that moment, Runli suddenly felt a strange feeling in her body, and then she seemed to hear a woman's shrill laughter coming from her body, and then a message passed through her mind. The evil elephant pupil eye ability, the supernatural constitution awakens. This is A man's powerful voice. Then a horrible image appeared in her mind. A woman hated her husband's infidelity, killed and dismembered a third party, and finally committed suicide herself. The ghost of that woman.. Attached to Runli's body now! She seems to have died more than 20 years ago. Then Runli realized something and hurried to look in the mirror. Sure enough. Her pupils have turned purple! What she has is.. Fierce as a pupil! That is, the ghost eyes that Tang Yingxuan had at the beginning! My ghost eyes. Wake up? Looking back now, the first time she saw Mujing, he said to himself, "You.." Not yet awakened. Finally, he added, "I look forward to seeing you grow to that extent the next time we meet.". ” What he is referring to.. Is it the awakening of the ghost eye? But she wondered again, what was the message that had just passed through her mind? I heard Purple Charm say that it seems that people with supernatural constitution can see this message when they are awakened. Anyway, Runli now has ghost eyes, so. Maybe you can protect the next cursed person, and the ability to predict the date of death should also wake up. The next one will die. It should be Luo Hu in room 1401! She moved Zhang Tong's body to the bed, covered him with a quilt and said to him, "Mr. Zhang.." If I can go out, I will convey your thoughts to your daughter. After leaving room 1305, she continued to walk upstairs. When we reached the 14th floor, we had a strong sense of danger. She remembered that Ying Xuan had said that when she encountered a ghost in the company, she had a very strong feeling, which was very similar to the situation of Runli now. She still remembered that her brother had said that Ying Xuan wanted to kill her brother at that time, but after the release of her fierce ability like a pupil, her attack was so strong that she once cut her brother's arm into three sections. She thought of this, aimed her eyes at the wall next to her, and began to release the ghost eye ability a little. Sure enough, in less than three seconds, cracks appeared in the wall! Then she stopped releasing and walked on confidently. Not yet.. "?" Run dark will release the ghost eye ability to the limit, the maximum length of the ghost blade, but only one meter and thirty, continue to require more than two meters, there is a gap of more than seventy centimeters. I know you want to save Runli as soon as possible, but. One side of a Jing saw him tired and sweating, and then comforted him: "You can't continue to use your own life as bait. It's very dangerous." Now that she's in that space, I have no premonition of her life or death. I can't stay here any longer! It doesn't matter if I have to give my soul. I'm going to save her! Run dark has completely lost his mind,teardrop pallet racking, Run Li is the only family member who has lived with him for seven years, he absolutely can not tolerate her life disappeared in that other-dimensional space! Jing knew that it was useless to persuade him for the time being, so she left the testing ground for the time being.