Accompanied by the movement coming from Lin Dong's body, it became more and more violent. Suddenly, a deep sound of dragon singing resounded from his body, and then the blue light spread. It turned out that a layer of blue light condensed cuticle was formed on his skin, which was the "blue dragon skin" after practicing the "blue sky turning into a dragon"! Obviously, in order to cope with the third nirvana, Lin Dong is also thoroughly using many means, now, he would like to see, this makes many strong fear of the third nirvana, how terrible it is! @。 Chapter five hundred and forty confrontation Chapter 540 Crash! On the majestic Dan River, the red storm rotates at an amazing speed, and the violent fluctuations emanating from it are enough to make a strong man who has stepped into the realm of Nirvana feel heartfelt palpitations. And in the middle of the storm, it is the figure of Lin Dong sitting quietly, his face is extremely solemn and even faintly there is a trace of tension, obviously, even so, he did not dare to show too much rashness in the face of the third nirvana. In this world, there are too many gifted geniuses falling on these nirvana plagues, Lin Dong has worked hard these years to reach the present point, when he did not stand at the top of the world, he did not want to become a sad member of the dying genius. "Boom!" The storm swept around the training platform, and suddenly, the red fire of Nirvana swept out, and rushed directly to the forest sitting below. Originally, nirvana plunder is a kind of plunder that appears from the inside of the human body,Magnesium Sulphate producer, but with the increase of the number of times, the degree of difficulty of nirvana plunder will become more and more intense. For example, the third nirvana-plunder will not only face attacks in the body, but also trigger the nirvana-qi between heaven and earth. It will launch attacks on the body of the plunderer from the outside world. When the time comes, both internal and external attacks will come, which makes people impossible to. Today's Lin Dong, deep in the Dan River, the spirit of Nirvana in the Dan River is incomparably strong, so that the degree of attack is stronger, it is also more troublesome to deal with. A red fire of nirvana,Magnesium Oxide MgO, roaring down, like a fireball across the sky, finally mixed with violent fluctuations mercilessly on the body of Lin Dong. Bang, bang! Deep explosion sound, constantly in the surface of the body of the forest to spread the kind of scorching temperature crazy erosion of the body of the forest to move, but at this time the "green dragon skin" which permeated the body of Lin Dong also showed a good defense, a faint blue light diffusion, unexpectedly is also born to isolate the fire of Nirvana from the skin of Lin Dong. From the outside, Lin Dong is almost wrapped in the flaming fire of Nirvana, but if you look carefully, you can find that in the place where Lin Dong's skin is attached, the faint blue light is flashing, seemingly weak, but it makes the fire of Nirvana impenetrable. Lin naturally knew clearly about the attack outside his body, and when he saw that the attack of Nirvana fire was completely blocked by "Qinglongpi", his heart was quietly relieved, but immediately, his heart was tight again, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,dap diammonium phosphate, because he knew that although the attack outside his body was troublesome, he could still cope with it. Or the kind of attack that comes from inside the body. Lin moved the mind, constantly scanning the body yuan Li as if facing a formidable enemy, running at a high speed in the limbs and bones, ready to carry out rescue everywhere. And Lin moved to wait, also did not last long, then, he is to see, a wisp of paint black flame, very strange slowly emerged. Nirvana! At the sight of this black flame, Lin's heart shrank mercilessly. This thing was the most difficult thing in the third nirvana. That terrible melting force, once spread in the body, perhaps the internal organs, have to be melted clean in an instant. Because in the nirvana burning array, Lin Dong met this kind of flame, and also subdued it, but also later with this thing to make Lin Langtian into a life and death unknown situation, so its destructive power is the most clear. "At last." Lin moved in the heart gently murmured, immediately the mind a congealed, also did not say any nonsense, is directly urged yuan Li to sweep out, that wisp of black flame all wrapped up. Sniff! And seems to be aware of the hands of the forest, that wisp of nirvana magic inflammation is not polite, shake a body, that terrible melting force is the rapid spread and open, suddenly that group of yuan Li wrapped it is melted away at a speed visible to the naked eye. A troublesome thing. See this scene, Lin move even if there is psychological preparation, but still can not help but secretly scold, hurriedly urged a larger yuan Li, the fire of nirvana around, in any case, can not let the melting power of the fire of nirvana spread to the body of those relatively fragile but extremely important organs. For nirvana magic inflammation this kind of thing, the only way to fight, seems to be by virtue of the power of yuan, abruptly to offset them, but this side of the consumption of yuan power is too large, some people with weak foundation in the crossing of this nirvana plunder, because of the lack of yuan power, and lead to nirvania magic inflammation raging in the body, eventually leading to fall. Lin Dong's yuan Li inside information is not thin, so the support of this moment and a half will obviously not have too much burden on him, but he also knows very well that the third nirvana disaster appeared in the nirvana magic inflammation, not only such a way, otherwise, there will not be so many strong people fell in this step. A wisp of weak Nirvana magic inflammation, wrapped by the powerful yuan Li, no matter how it releases the power of melting, but still does not break through the tight encirclement, and itself is in this constant release of the power of melting, gradually diluted, until the final complete dissipation. And it is in this ray of nirvana magic inflammation disappeared, Lin moved the heart is immediately tense up, he until, next, is the real drama. Sniff! Under Lin Dong's waiting like facing a formidable enemy, about half a minute or so, his body finally appeared inside the movement, a little bit of black,Magnesium Sulphate producer, eerily spread, and finally like stars, condensed into a floating black flame.