Nuonuo suddenly raised his eyes, and the gentle mood in Qiu Li's eyes suddenly disappeared. He looked at Nuonuo and sneered in his heart. He said coldly, "Go and see Grandpa.". He came quickly, too, and must be in a hurry to drink his granddaughter-in-law's tea. Nuonuo was angry, but she knew it was useless to say anything to Qiu Li, the bastard. Since he was able to get the certificate before Grandpa Qiu, he must have guessed that Grandpa Qiu would be angry. Chou Li won't let her go. If there is a deadlock, her humiliation last night and this morning will be in vain. Nuonuo folded his fingers and smiled at him. Then he asked Chen Ma, "What kind of tea does Grandpa like?" Qiu Li looked at Nuonuo with unclear eyes. Chen Ma is ready to go. Nuonuo bypassed Chou Li and picked up the teacup. Chou Li held her wrist with a deep black pupil. "What are you doing?" Her big wet eyes, some angry look: "Tea, let go, I am angry." When she said she was angry, her tone was soft. Nuonuo saw that he seemed to finally have a smile in his eyes, and she was a little bolder. A punch in his chest, the man's muscles are strong, Nuonuo felt a chill in her heart,caustic calcined magnesite, she actually hit very hard. Nuonuo made the appearance of grievance and accusation: "You said last night that you were not fierce to me." He took her fist, put it to his lips and kissed it lightly. "I was wrong," he said with a smile. Nuonuo saw that it didn't hurt, and he felt a little sorry. Since acting was like acting, her pink cheeks were also serious. Nono pulled back his hand, picked up the teacup and went to the hall. The light in Qiu Li's eyes was clearly extinguished,Magnesium Oxide price, and finally followed her. Grandpa Qiu sat in the living room covering his chest, and Chen Ma was used to seeing the old man's drama, so she was very calm. Grandpa Qiu was angry. He promised to send her away after the college entrance examination. So he placed his own people in B city very early. He planned to act immediately after the exam. Who knew that his people were beaten black and blue and thrown back last night. Came back with only one sentence: "Qiu Shao said that his father had better not move." Grandpa Qiu knew it was not good, and he knew very well what kind of character Qiu Li was. The old man came back by plane overnight. As a result, he heard from the servant that Nuonuo and Qiu Li got married yesterday. Grandpa Qiu almost died of anger. After a while, Nuonuo came out. She liked Grandpa Qiu very much, so she was really happy to see him. Nuonuo handed him the tea in his hand: "Grandpa Qiu, you're here." Grandpa Qiu quickly stood up from the sofa: "Nuonuo, let Grandpa see, are you all right?" Nono paused and said with a smile, "I'm fine. I'm fine." Don't cry, old man. Your grandson is still watching sadly. When Nuonuo saw that he had taken the tea, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, he had to bite the bullet and called Grandpa. Qiu Grandpa was also frightened, almost did not hold the teacup, Qiu Li held his hand, the tone is not polite: "hold steady, this is granddaughter-in-law tea.". If you bring a red envelope, give it to Nuonuo. If you don't, remember to bring the bracelet handed down from your ancestors later. Grandpa Qiu put down his tea and asked for his crutch: "You forced her!"! You bastard, unfortunately, I will kill your unfilial grandson today for the sake of justice. Chou Li snorted coldly, and he was just about to say that he would see the guests off. Holding his hand, Nuonuo smiled and said to Grandpa, "Grandpa, don't be angry. I volunteered.". Qiu Li is very good. Grandfather and grandson were stunned. Nono felt the hand tighten. Her heart is sad, voluntary or something, it must be false. If she hadn't been tied up yesterday, she wouldn't have been able to get a license with Qiu Li. Fortunately, she has a good mentality. Everything in this world belongs to the original body. Not to mention the household register and marriage certificate. She doesn't think it's just two pieces of paper. Anyway, she will get divorced sooner or later. But Qiu Grandpa is different, since Qiu Li knows, Qiu Grandpa can't take her away. There is no use except to make Grandpa Qiu sad, guilty and anxious. The old man is good for her, and she wants him to be good. Grandpa Qiu finally just sighed, as if he had aged many years. He didn't want to stay in the villa any longer, so he left without lunch. He is too old to control his grandson every day. Nuonuo watched him leave without speaking for a long time. Chou Li touched her hair. "Still angry, huh?" Nuonuo looked up at him and smiled for a long time: "I'm not angry anymore.". ” He smiled in a low voice and was in a good mood. "Shall I take you out to play?" Nono didn't reject it this time, and she nodded. If Chou Li does something that makes her unhappy, she can just beat him up. But to her disappointment, it was normal to be angry this time. He took her to the amusement park. An amusement park with no one and booked by him. Xue San still had the idea to explain to her: "It's not a package. This is the property of the enemy." “……” So whether the business is open or not is just a matter of the president's words. Nuo Nuo felt that Qiu Li was very contradictory. He obviously cared about age, but he catered to her with the preferences of younger girls. She also saw that Qiu Li was trying to "spoil" her in the stupid and terrible way of straight men. Maybe she's bored. Qiu Li also found a lot of people, mostly his friends who have met in Kunshan now. Zhang Qingduo and Bai Ye are all here. Nuonuo didn't know what kind of expression they had when they were ordered to come to the amusement park to play games with themselves. A group of "successful business people" stood and laughed awkwardly. They also brought a female companion, and Qiu Li was probably afraid that Nuonuo would be bored. The group of women had their own characteristics, and only one woman was noticed by Nuonuo at a glance. A girl about the same age as Nuonuo looked at her curiously, and her eyes flashed with envy. Chou Li had his own plan, so he touched her hair and said, "Go and play." Because Nuonuo didn't want to stay with him, he readily agreed. The girl of the same age hurried up. As soon as they left, General Manager Liu bowed and scraped: "Don't worry, Qiu Shao. I told Xiaoxi that she would have a good talk with your wife and make her happy." Bai Ye looked up at them and finally said nothing. Qiu Li touched his tail ring and nodded with an indifferent expression. After Lin Xi followed him,Magnesium Oxide powder, he said to Nuonuo with a smile, "Hello, Mrs. Qiu. My name is Lin Xi." 。