However, it is precisely because the power of the elements in the original stone is extremely unstable, which is extremely unsafe compared with the magic core crystal, and it is difficult to form, and the amount is very rare, so no one deliberately digs to find it, even if someone finds the original stone, it will not be dug out, so it is extremely rare on the mainland. However, these original stones are useless to others, but for Huayun, who has learned the art of going against the sky, the original stone is a rare good thing. With Huayun's current strength, he can't absorb the energy in the magic crystal, but for the original stone which contains very active elemental power, Huayun can absorb it. Say, where did these stones come from? "It's in.." Found on Beachy Hill in the Kingdom of Kot! Jielu couldn't help crying. What is this! "Oh?"? Besides this string, do you have this kind of stone on your body? "No, really no, I am looking at this stone fun, that time only picked up a few, but there are many on the mountain!" "You can get out!" Hua Yun let go of Jie Lu,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, the heart can not help but be disappointed, although Hua Yun felt that the energy contained in these original stones is a lot, but who would be too much good things. Yes, yes! Jielu rolled and crawled back into the woods. Put the original stone into the bosom, Huayun display the art of light body, toward the tile blue city quickly, Huayun is not afraid of Jielu back to move reinforcements, just save trouble, if because of this and let him can't get to the tile blue city before the evening,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, then he will lose a lot. As for Jie Lu, hiding in the woods watching Hua Yun disappear at the intersection, he did not go back to inform, what do you want him to say? He said he didn't succeed in robbing a teenager, but instead he robbed a string of worthless necklaces?! Jielu knew that the regiment would not be laborious because of a teenager. Their target was the small caravan. If they really reported this, the only result would be that Jielu would have a laughing stock in the regiment and would never be able to raise his head in his life. Chapter 34 Magic Potion Hua Yun performs the art of light body, faster than horses, and moves quickly between the mountains and forests. Huayun's speed is fast, but some six-order golden warriors can also achieve it completely. Unlike the six-order golden warriors in this world, Huayun's Wuji Xuangong can make the True Qi in his body continuously do the movement of Zhou Tian. While the True Qi is constantly consumed, it is also constantly generated. If the six-order Golden Warriors in this world want to achieve this speed, Must fully run the body of the gold fighting spirit, they can not regenerate the fighting spirit in time, endurance, but far from being able to compare with Huayun. After a quick rush, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,304 stainless steel wire, Huayun finally arrived at his destination, Wallan City, before the evening. Huayun, who is used to seeing tall buildings and modern metropolises of glass and cement on the earth, is prepared in advance in his heart, or is deeply shocked by the city in front of him. Unlike the hustle and bustle of today's metropolis, this city, which is almost entirely made of rocks, is full of retro medieval flavor, bringing Huayun a very novel feeling. After entering the city, Huayun asked a few pedestrians, came to the mercenary union of Valan City. Compared with the mercenary union of Kodo Town, the mercenary union in Valan City gave people a very majestic feeling. However, Huayun's target was not the mercenary Union, but the hotel next to the mercenary Union. After finding a hotel for dinner, Huayun returned to the room he had booked, took a bath, and after eliminating the dusty breath of running around, Huayun took out the original stone he had grabbed from Jielu. After careful observation, Hua Yun already knew the size of the energy contained in the string of original stones in his hands. There were thirteen original stones in total, ten of which were second-order original stones, two were third-order original stones, and one was fourth-order original stone, which made Hua Yun happy. Without Luna to deliver magic to himself, Huayun wants to improve the content of magic in his body, so he has to choose a slower practice. Now that he has the original stone, he doesn't have to worry about this for the time being. Huayun can feel that the quality of these original stones is excellent, and the energy contained in them is quite pure. As a mineral that stores the power of elements, the original stone is much better absorbed than the energy in the fruit given by God. After all, when Huayun absorbs the energy in the fruit given by God, he should also pay attention not to absorb it too fast and let the fruit die. After absorbing the energy of an original stone, Huayun began his daily practice. He could clearly feel that the speed of his absorption of magic was obviously accelerating, and his proficiency in the art of anti-heaven was also increasing. Although this kind of energy Huayun absorbed into the body can be controlled, it can not be used immediately. It needs to be refined and transformed by the art of anti-heaven before it can become the real power of Huayun. In this way, until midnight, Hua Yun completely transformed the energy in the second order original stone into his own power and stored it in his own sea of air. The next day early in the morning, Hua Yun went out of the door and walked toward the plant master shop in the center of Walan City. Compared with the shop in Kodo Town, the shop in Walan City is much more magnificent, but one thing is the same as that in Kodo Town, that is, the shop must be the most luxurious shop in the vicinity and even in the whole city. After all, the plants in the city are different. As soon as Hua Yun walked in, a waitress immediately greeted him and said softly, "Sir, are you here to have a look or to buy something?" In addition to selling God-given fruits, there are also many things related to planting masters and God-given fruits, all kinds of things. Do you have a magic potion here? Tell me about it! Hua Yun opened his mouth to the waiter. He needs to make some divine fruits, and now Huayun, who has been practicing and absorbing energy, is not short of the power to eliminate prohibition in his body,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, but of the fruits that can accommodate that power. The cultivation of God-given fruits is extremely troublesome. The cultivation of God-given plants alone requires the cultivation of ordinary plants in a specific environment and solution. In this way, the ordinary God-given plants are only ordinary fruits. In addition to giving the necessary nutrients to the God-granted plants, the God-granted fruits also need to pour specially prepared magic potions on the plants from the early stage of fruiting.