In the past, the daily routine of this group was: blowing Ershao, chatting about gossip, and scolding He Yang while Ershao was not in gossip. Now the daily life is: talking about the little sister-in-law, blowing the little sister-in-law, gossiping about her, being discovered by Ershao, being scolded by Ershao. Chapter 39 At the end of the meeting, Xia Yanzhou was just in time for Yan Min to say his concluding remarks in the live broadcast room. The screen was fixed on the dining table, with two meat and one vegetable, and a small bowl of rice. Bullet screen someone teased the host's appetite, Yan Min said with a smile: "I can eat anything, but since I want to broadcast live, of course, it's better to do more." Does the wife live alone? I had a chance!!!] 【? Tomato is my wife, come and fight in front! [Whoo, whoo, boss serves, I'm hungry] Why hasn't my takeout arrived yet? It's all home-cooked, but it looks really appetizing. Hungry If you can't resist, just pretend you didn't see it. Yan Min has developed the skill of watching the bullet screen to automatically filter the title of "wife". He waved to the live broadcast room and said with a smile, "That's all for today's live broadcast. See you tomorrow." Voice just fell, the live broadcast room quickly black down,brushed stainless steel sheet, the bullet screen also disappeared, can only appear in the form of comments in the live broadcast room below. Xia Yanzhou looked twice, snorted coldly, and quit the melon station app. Xia Yanjin took off his glasses, pinched his eyebrows and slanted his head to look at him. "Why are you so angry?" Today's meeting was put forward by Xia Jinghai, who said that he was going to hold a mobilization and deployment meeting. He gave an urgent notice before he got off work. On the way to the meeting, Xia Yanzhou, who was in a bad mood, said a few words. He could not face it, so he offered to let everyone rest a little longer and postpone the working time. Xia Yanjin naturally would not refuse. So the two brothers had a rare opportunity to get together for a quiet lunch. Coming out of the conference room, Xia Yanzhou asked his assistant to help him go downstairs to buy lunch. After telling him his taboos, he asked Xia Yanjin: "Brother, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, do you eat noodles or rice?" Xia Yanjin was stupefied for a moment, and his eyes flashed a trace of confusion: "Didn't you order three meals for me?" "Huh?" Xia Yanzhou screwed up his brows and watched the assistant sit in the elevator and step into the special elevator with his brother. "When did I order three meals for you?" Xia Yanjin also slightly frowned, he said: "Last week, I just returned to the company to start, the merchants named that you arranged." There was a brief silence in the elevator. Xia Yanzhou and Xia Yanjin looked at each other and thought of a young Alpha. ……” Xia Yanjin pursed his lips and lowered his eyes with a complicated look. I thought it was you. "Eat it." Xia Yanzhou put his hand on Xia Yanjin's shoulder and gently pushed him out as the elevator door opened. "I don't think he has the courage to poison me," he said carelessly. Xia Yanjin staggered a step, slowly steadied his figure, awkwardly answered and stopped talking. Two people walked into the office, three layers of wooden lunch boxes have been placed on the tea table, Xia Yanzhou went over to lift the lid and looked at it, sneered: "He can guess your preferences." “……” Xia Yanjin did not speak and stared at the mahogany lunch box in a trance. Lunch boxes were recycled every day, and the first few days were not all his favorite dishes. Almost every meal was left with biased dishes. Later, the few dishes he left more never appeared again. Yes Has that person been paying attention? "It tastes good." Xia Yanzhou poked a small piece of diced meat on the top with a bamboo stick. He smacked his lips and gave the main seat to Xia Yanjin. He moved aside: "Eat quickly, brother. The air conditioner is on in the room. Be careful to get cold." “…… Uh Xia Yanjin had something on his mind and had a gentle meal. Xia Yanzhou had nothing to do. He took out his cell phone and turned over the chat records for a while. After a meal, he asked, "Brother, if someone opens a business, what should I send?"? It'd better be delivered tomorrow. Xia Yanjin swallowed the food, thought a little, and responded: "Opening." How about painting and calligraphy? I happen to have a pair of calligraphy of Mr. Zhong. I'll go to my house to get it after work. "No," Xia Yanzhou waved his hand again and again and said helplessly, "They run a dessert shop and hang a pair of wild grass on it. It's neither fish nor fowl. ” "A dessert shop?" Xia Yanjin was surprised to straighten up and look at Xia Yanzhou, his brother's circle of friends he also knew, although the group of children are still in the university just graduated or did not graduate the level, behind the family is how they will not be released to do small business. Contact Xia Yanzhou again when the meeting is not in the state, Xia Yanjin a little thought, asked in reply: "Yan Min's shop?"? I bothered him for so long last time. I'll go with you tomorrow, just in time for a rest. "Not Yan Min," said Xia Yanzhou, "it's his friend. Or a tenant? The shop in Beihai Bay was bought together with the house with the break-up fee given by He Yang. "North Bay?" Xia Yanjin touched his chin and opened his mouth again with a look of approval in his eyes. It's a long-term vision. Beihai Bay is their industry around the summer. After five years, the commercial scale has begun to take shape. When the trial operation of the first batch of stores officially begins, we can basically foresee the success of this bold investment. That is Xia Yanzhou raised the corners of his mouth: "Otherwise he wouldn't have gotten rid of that scum man cleanly." Xia Yanjin suddenly felt a little pain in his eyes. The light of pride that jumped out of my brother's body flashed. He stretched out his chopsticks to pick up food and beat around the Bush. "How are you doing with Yan Min recently?" "Hm?"? It's good. He gave me a midnight snack last night. Xia Yanjin's expression changed. "What about other aspects?" “……” If you don't hear a response, you are not ready to answer directly. Xia Yanjin sighed and shook his head gently. "Forget it, just be happy." Xia Yanzhou suddenly sat in the posture of a three-good student, his back straight, his hands on his knees, unconsciously rubbing his trousers, nervous and helpless. Elder Brother He called out to Xia Yanjin,mirror stainless steel sheet, his eyes fell on the presumed mobile phone, the screen was still on, and Xia Yanjin looked down his line of sight. Why would you be angry if someone called her wife if she wasn't a sister-in-law? Xia Yanzhou replied with a string of ellipses.