The next moment, in the dense sound, the escaping crowd hit an elastic air wall one after another, fell back one after another, looking at the empty space in front of them, everyone could not help but stay away! Alas.. Just when Wang Ming was puzzled by what had happened, the voice of the God of death rang in surprise: "Your Majesty, you are really amazing. You have mastered the ability of the primary boundary so quickly. God.." Completely different from the progress of practice in those years! What the hell is going on? "Boundary?" After listening to the words of the God of death, Wang Ming could not help talking about it doubtfully. Mm-hmm. After listening to Wang Ming's words, the God of death said excitedly, "Yes, Your Majesty, it is the boundary. This is the ultimate shield formed by gathering the power of the Yin between heaven and earth under the influence of spiritual power and guided by the energy in the body. Heh heh.." Its defense, can be called the top ah! Oh? After listening to the words of the God of death, Wang Ming could not help feeling the boundary around him. As the God of death said, under the influence of his obsession, his mental strength had reached a horrible number of 10000, thus opening the function of the boundary. Unfortunately, obsession is a kind of spiritual madness. As long as his obsession is relaxed, his mental strength will be restored to 8000. And the basic requirement for performing the enchantment is the mental strength of 10000! Although you can't use the boundary at will, it's enough for now. Looking around in a gloomy way, Wang Ming slowly reached out his hands and said in a low voice, "Ninety-seven of the way of the underworld-life deprivation!" With Wang Ming's voice, a powerful energy, instantly poured out from Wang Ming's hands, the next moment. Countless colorful points of light, have shot out from every person within a hundred meters, whistling towards Wang Ming.. Shot in both hands. ! Whoosh, whoosh. In a series of dense sounds, Wang Ming took all the points of light into his body. In an instant, both the people in the open space and the people upstairs around him fell to the ground. At the same time, Wang Ming said in a low voice: "Whether it is the perpetrator or the cold-blooded bystander who did nothing to save him, as a punishment, I deprived you of 30 years of vitality. Later.." "If any of you provoke me and my brothers again, I will take their names." How to deal with Chapter 375-376 of the main text When everyone trembled to get up from the ground, Wang Ming, under the leadership of the security guard, helped Li Jia and other three people to leave,Adhesive fish ruler, looking at the blood on the ground, as well as the injured people groaning in pain, for a moment, everyone broke out in a cold sweat on the back of their necks! As for what Wang Ming said about the deprivation of life, no one really took it seriously. Those colorful lights were not visible to their eyes. Although they did not understand that they suddenly fell to the ground, no one would believe Wang Ming's words. When everyone did not care, their 30 years of life had been completely deprived! Looking at Wang Ming and a group of security guards gradually left the figure, Wang Yao eyes can not help showing a look of resentment, before Wang Ming left, separated by hundreds of meters, Wang Ming had a horizontal look at her, in that eye, Wang Yao saw not anger, not resentment, but contempt! As if. What Wang Ming is looking at is just like a cheap bitch! Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Watching Wang Ming and his party gradually disappear at the corner, Wang Ming's voice rang in Wang Yao's mind: "Bitch!"! You sell meat to settle grudges. You're cheaper than a pig! Although do not understand what is going on, but the voice in Wang Yao's mind is very clear, very real. Just as Wang Ming was talking in her ear at this time, it was impossible for her to ignore it! Resentment twisted the still beautiful face, Pi tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, the next moment. "Wang Ming!" Said Wang Yao resentfully! You give me all the humiliation, I will double back, you do not complacent, today's matter, it is not over! Not to mention how Wang Yao's resentment, how secretly engaged in small tricks, the other side. Accompanied by security, Wang Ming and his party quickly came to the hospital, after checking, the results let Wang Ming breathe a sigh of relief, although it looks terrible, but did not hurt the vital part, although to sew dozens of stitches, but there is no life-threatening! Looking at Li Jia three people in a coma, Wang Ming knew that they were all so retaliated because of themselves, Wang Ming had to admit that all of this was caused by his negligence! To be honest, Wang Ming did not care too much about that woman, a rude girl, a man, should not and women in general knowledge, he never thought she could set off any storm! But now Wang Ming knows that he is wrong, can be rude, dare to be rude girl, not only beautiful can, she must also be shameless, must be coquettish enough, must. It's terrible when a girl is desperate to get revenge! Boom! Is Wang Ming secretly guilty, a dull sound, the door of the ward was kicked open, the next moment. Five or six figure fierce rushed in, aggressive toward Wang Ming rushed over! In the eyes of the divine light burst flash, Wang Ming is preparing to put down in the future, but the next moment, Wang Ming stopped all movements, looking at the dark muzzle of the people who rushed into the room, looking at their police uniforms, Wang Ming has not yet planned to do against the government! "Be honest, we are the police!" In the violent shouts, several people vigorously overturned Wang Ming to the ground, his head was severely pressed on the ground, his hands were desperately pulled behind him, at the same time, a pair of cold handcuffs, quickly handcuffed on Wang Ming's wrist! Silently let the police handcuff themselves, Wang Ming knows that today's things are so big, all involved, are bound to be arrested, but. Wang Ming is not afraid, this time although the hand is very heavy, but there is no death, not even disability, and. Wang Ming belongs to legitimate defense, as long as the investigation is clear, it is absolutely all right! Police car roaring, Wang Ming was pulled out of the school, looking at the roadside competing to watch the students, Wang Ming a face of calm, but. This calm, only maintained for a minute, when Wang Ming saw several male students involved in the fight,Fish measuring board, especially one of the four flower protectors, standing on the roadside looking at him with a smile on his face, Wang Ming was pale!