By this time she was on her feet, her hands thrust deep into the pockets of her worn jacket, and she bulged two balls on her clothes. The two cuffs of her fedora were worn out and covered with threads cut by thorns. The skirt was too short, and a stocking was twisted and curled up on the leg. Only her shoes — as scarred as her hands, but thick enough to fit, and of the highest quality — revealed the fact that she was not an orphan from the nursery. Grant's eyes returned to her face. That's not a normal little girl's face. There was a calm decisiveness in the little sallow triangular face, which could not be taught by any nursery. Hold! She said cheerfully, as Grant helped the priest to his feet and helped him to a chair. You'll be fine. Have some more of my dad's brandy. It's better than having it run through my dad's veins. I am afraid that l have to go. Do you know where my father is? She asked Grant. He went to the sailboat for lunch. "Thank you." She turned to the priest, who still looked blank, and said, "Your shirt collar is too tight." When Grant went to open the door for her, she asked,outdoor endless pool, "You haven't told me your name yet?" "The rand.". At your service. And he bowed slightly to her. I don't need anything yet, but I might. She looked at him. Grant was surprised to find that he was eager not to be classified as a "soft chestnut" by her. You are more like my type. I like the one with wider cheekbones. Goodbye, Mr. Grant. "Who is that?" Asked the Priest, in the tone of one who has awakened from a dream. Chief Burgoyne's daughter. "She was right about my shirt." "Is it one of the clothes she gave you?" "Yes.". Am I under arrest? No. There is no such thing. "It's a good idea to go to jail." "Oh?"? How to say? "At least you can settle down now.". I left the farm this morning and now I have nowhere else to go. "You mean you would seriously consider wandering." "As long as you find the right clothes to wear." "I'd rather you stayed in a place where you could be found when the case needed it." I understand. But how to do it? How was your former architect's office? Why not get a job? "I will never go into a firm again.". Just don't do construction. They put me in there because I can draw. "If I heard you right, are you going to be a basket case and never earn a living again?" "Ah!"! It's so hard to say. No,whirlpool bathtub, of course not. I'm looking for a job. Just what can I do? After two years in high society, you should have learned something. At least you can drive. There was a tentative knock on the door, and the captain poked his head in. I'm sorry to bother you, detective, but I need to find something in the chief's file. The situation is urgent. Asking for permission, he came in. "The seaside is very lively at this time of year, sir," he said, outdoor whirlpool tub ,endless swim spa, leafing through the files. It's definitely continental. The chef at Ocean -- the restaurant is just outside the city, so it's our case -- the chef stabbed a waiter, as if he had dandruff. I mean, the waiter had dandruff. The cook is being sent to prison and the waiter is being taken to hospital. I think it's a lung injury. Thank you, sir. Sorry to bother you. Grant looked at Priest, who was wearing his tie in a somber and vacant way. The Priest noticed his eyes, which were obviously confused for a moment, and then he understood and opened his mouth of his own accord. I said, Captain, do you know if they have anyone to fill in for the waiter? "Not yet.". Mr. Toselli — he's the manager — is racking his brains about it. "Are you finished?" He asked Grant. That's all for today. Grant said, "Good luck." ww w.xIaoshuotxt.。 com Chapter V Novel-txt Paradise "No, no arrests have been made." "But I think there is no doubt that this is a case of murder," Grant told Chief Inspector Balk over the phone in the evening. The medical examiner also concluded so. The button in her hair may have been an accident — but if you had seen it, you would have thought it wasn't — but her fingernails had scratched something and split. The contents of the nails had been sent for testing, but after an hour in the sea, there was not much left. Of course, all the clues point in the same direction, but there are some contradictions between them. This is gonna be a tough case, I think. I'll leave Williams here for routine questioning, and I'll be back in town in the evening. I'd like to meet her lawyer, Erskine. He just showed up at the autopsy, but then I had a priest to ask, so I didn't have time to find him. Could you confirm for me when I can talk to him tonight. The funeral is scheduled for Monday at Golders Cemetery. Yeah, cremation. I think I'll go to it. I want to meet her close relatives and friends. Yeah, I might stop by for a drink, just to see how late it is. Thank you. Grant hung up the phone and went to see Williams for afternoon tea. It was too early for dinner, and Williams loved bacon and eggs with a big piece of toast. Tomorrow is Sunday, and the investigation of the button may have to be postponed. Grant said when they were seated. What did Mrs. Pitts say? "She couldn't say whether he was wearing an overcoat or not.". All she could see was his head sticking out of the hedge. But it didn't matter whether he was wearing it or not, because she said the coat was often in the back seat of the car,jacuzzi suppliers, next to Miss Clay's coat. She could not remember the last time she had seen Priest's dark coat, which he often seemed to wear from morning till night. She said he was a'cold character '. Maybe because he came back from abroad, she didn't feel that way. She has no affection for him. "You mean she thinks he's a suspect?" 。