The wind filled the sky with a deep sigh and said, "No wonder people in the martial arts world call your teacher the first warrior in Jianghu. Today, it seems that your name is really worthy of your name!" Nangong Pingzhan smiled. "As the saying goes," said Feng Mantian, "the strong will overcome the weak, and the brave will overcome the timid. Although the island master's martial arts are magical, I'm afraid they can't stop your teacher's ground-breaking courage!" As he spoke, Long Bu Shi had already made dozens of attacks. He attacked the enemy first and protected himself later. He did not care about his own safety at all. In the shadow of a stick, he could hardly see the figure of the Lord of the Gods Island. He only heard the Lord of the Gods Island say, "Do you really want to die?" Long Bu Shi struck three times with his staff and shouted, "Not bad!" "If you die," said the Lord of the Island of the Gods, "who will finish your plan?" Long Bu-shi laughed and said, "What a plan! It's just a trick to deceive children!" Lord of the island of gods shouted angrily, suddenly stretched out his hand to copy, copied the head of the stick, left palm directly hit the chest of Longbu poem, and everyone was frightened! Just listen to a "click", the stick broke into two parts, the middle part, in the air, "poof" to hit people in the trunk, deep into the wood. The left palm of Long Bu Shi stroked the head of the stick in the hand of the Lord of the Gods Island, and half of the tail of the stick in the right palm stabbed it out,massage bathtub manufacturers, only to hear a "bang". Long Bu Shi was hit in the chest by the palm of the Lord of the Gods Island, and fell on his back more than ten feet, but the left palm had already grabbed the head of the stick from the hand of the Lord. The tail of the stick from the right palm had cut a bloody mouth on the shoulder of the Lord. The old people couldn't help but be moved. Nangong Ping swept forward and exclaimed, "Master, you.." Long Bushi shook his arms, turned over and jumped up. "Get out of the way!" He shouted angrily. In front of the stone bed, the two broken sticks turned into double pens and hit the seven big holes on the chest, head and shoulders of the Lord of the Gods Island! When the Lord of the Island of the Gods saw his way of playing,hot tub wholesale, he could not help but change color slightly. His shoulders sank, his palms turned out from under his white flank, and he hit him with his palms. "Go back!" He shouted. Long Bu Shi throws the shoulder to slide, controls the attack by the attack, hits three strokes in a row, roars angrily: "Fart!" But as soon as the other side opened his mouth, there was a stream of blood, which shot straight out. It turned out that he had just had a palm and had suffered internal injuries. Blood arrows passed by the ears of the Lord of the Gods Island, but all of them shot at the head and face of the Lord of the Gods Island! Nangong Ping felt a great shock in his heart. His master was still fearless and attacked with all his strength. The blood seemed to stir up the enthusiasm of the old people again. They came up in twos and threes. Only the old people who were in the cave were still standing far away and doing nothing. The wind shrugged his shoulders and said to Nangong Ping in a deep voice, "You can see that as long as the old people in front are angry, the island owner will immediately fall into isolation. Apart from these old deacons, maybe they will fight for him. The blood on the old people behind them is already cold." Nangongping concentrated on his master's safety and answered the wrong question. "The island owner hasn't stood up yet," he said in a deep voice. "If he stands up, the master will be afraid.." The wind filled the sky and sneered, "This man was possessed by the devil in his early years. His legs have become disabled. He can't stand up any more." Nangongping heart a move, suddenly heard "bang bang" two, the dragon cloth poem again turned over and fell, jacuzzi bath spa ,5 person hot tub, the body of the island Lord of the gods also shook two shakes, the original immortal dragon and the island Lord of the gods two people, and each has been in each other's palm, to know that although the island Lord's palm is the first, but the dragon cloth poem does not save itself, dying out of the palm, so as to hit each other, if he does not spell himself first by a palm. How can you hit the Lord of the Gods Island? With an exclamation of surprise, Nangongping ran to Longbushi and said, "Master, how are you?" Long Bu's face was like gold paper. He smiled sadly and said, "Let's see what happened to those people first." Nangong Ping looked back and saw that the old people in sackcloth had regained their vitality in an instant, and they were moving together to surround the Lord of the Gods Island in the center. The Lord of the Island of the Gods sat up with his eyes closed, and his face was as pale as death. After a while, he suddenly opened his mouth and spurted out a stream of blood. Feng opened his eyes wide and shouted, "He's badly hurt, too!" wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 18 Lord of the Gods (1). Small! Say ! txt! God . Don The Lord of the Gods slowly opened his eyes and saw the old people in front of him. Although they neither shouted nor started, their eyes were full of anger. Their anger and emotions, which had been buried for many years, were now vented from their eyes. How terrible the look was. If ordinary people were looked at by these many eyes, they would die of fear! "You're already half disabled, and now you're seriously injured. What else do you have to say?" Feng Mantian snapped. "Yes," said the Lord of the Island of the Gods slowly, "I have been seriously injured. I have nothing to say but to abdicate." He smiled and said, "I will not only abdicate, but also give up my life. But you should let me take care of the funeral affairs first." The old people kept their mouths shut. The wind filled the sky and they were waiting to speak when they heard Longbushi groaning, "Let him go!" The wind filled the sky and naturally obeyed orders. The "Lord of the Island of the Gods" looked at the five old deacons in sackcloth and yellow crowns and said, "What about you?" The old deacon looked at each other, but without saying a word, he turned and walked away. The Lord of the Island of the Gods smiled sadly and said, "Well, even you have turned your back on me.." Suddenly heard a sharp shout, five golden-haired orcs, jumped up together, rushed to the old people, an old man slightly careless, they were split in half, a tragic cry, flesh and blood flying! The rest of the old people were so angry that they stretched out their bodies, but when they raised their palms, there was an overwhelming wind of palms, followed by two shrill screams, and the two golden-haired orcs threw their bodies in the air and fell to the ground with their heads broken! "Stop!" Shouted the Lord of the Isle of Gods. To this moment, there was an irresistible force in his shout. Everyone hesitated slightly, and sure enough, they stopped. The Lord of the Gods Island waved slightly. The remaining three orcs knelt down together. The Lord of the Gods Island said, "You work hard for me, but are you still willing to follow me?" The orcs bowed their heads, and the Lord of the Island of the Gods smiled and said with a deep sigh, "I can't believe that although you are not completely human, you have a human heart that knows more about loyalty and righteousness than they do." Five old deacons in sackcloth and yellow crowns hung their heads together, and the Lord of the Island of the Gods said in a loud voice,best whirlpool tub, "Good!"! Carry me back! The three golden-haired orcs lifted the stone bed and walked toward the cave. "There will be an echo at sunset," said the Lord of the Island of the Gods. "I'm afraid there's no response from you," said the wind coldly. 。