The clans closest to natural creatures are the best at this kind of natural rhythm magic. My soul song can urge plants to grow and control the movements of natural creatures, although human beings are advanced. Creatures, however, are ultimately in the golden rule of biology. What I have just said is just a gentle song to urge the growth of living things. If you don't come out again, the following songs will become more intense. I'm afraid you can't stand it. If I continue to sing later, it will not be as simple as dancing. After being controlled by me, I can make people crazy with a little effort! When the snow fell to speak, Jojo finally felt a loose body, immediately weak soft fell down, the whole body of the robe was soaked with sweat. She had already changed her clothes. Wearing only a robe, at the moment after a body of sweat, this robe has been attached to the body, plus a body of sweat, flushed face, the original proud curve is undoubtedly exposed. As soon as she fell, she fell into Du Wei's arms. Du Wei hurriedly hugged Qiao Qiao, only to feel a seductive and soft body hugged him, and the peaks were bulging. Curve is under his palm, looking at Qiaoqiao's rapid breathing and water-colored eyes, can not help but move in the heart. Qiaoqiao seemed to have no strength to stand, fell into Du Wei's arms,garden jacuzzi tub, the heart is also a panic, hurriedly reached out to push Du Wei: "You." Don't hold me like that. In the end, even the voice was soft out of shape. I Du Wei gave a wry smile and was about to let go of Jojo when an idea suddenly came to his mind! How am I okay?! At the beginning of the song just now, it seemed that I almost controlled myself. But I can resist it as soon as I concentrate. When it comes to the level of magic, Jojo and himself are both level eight. Magician, although his mental power may be more concise than Jojo, but the difference is not necessarily so big. Why can you resist, but Jojo has no power to fight back? Du Wei moved in his heart,outdoor whirlpool, originally holding the distracting thoughts of beauty. Also immediately disappeared, hurriedly closed his eyes, carefully searched his consciousness space, found a surprise to him. Result The original one has been "infected" with the purple elf magic consciousness space, the slightly rotating seed of power, purple color seems to become more and more dark. Here we go! Is it because I have the magic attributes of the elves, so I have a certain magic resistance to the magic of the elves? This discovery made Du Wei happy, but he soon calmed down again. One more chip in hand. It's also good. At that moment, the second wave of rhythm attack of falling snow was finally launched! The ballad this time is more exciting than the one just now. Faintly as if with A happy and exciting rhythm. Jojo is under such a tune. Without the slightest countervailing force. Originally weak body, but just with the music jumped up again. Although Du Wei hugged her hard, Jojo's body kept twisting in his arms. Qiaoqiao also tries to condense the spirit, but unfortunately his mental strength is strong. In front of the big holy order strong elf king, it is really vulnerable. Soon, Du Wei could not suppress Jojo. Jojo's strength became bigger and bigger, Whirlpool bathtub ,jacuzzi swim spa, and finally, Jojo had jumped out of Du Wei's arms. The body twisted crazily. Body The robe, which was already wide, gradually opened as she twisted. Shoulders covered with crystal beads of sweat were exposed, and under the scattered skirts, the rounded outline of the chest was also hidden. Hidden and visible. Du Wei sighed and quickly closed his eyes, not daring to look again. At this time, his heart suddenly moved. Du Wei could not understand a word of the lyrics of this snow-falling ballad, which presumably should be the language of the elves. This language pronunciation is very strange, Du Wei originally has the memory to be astonishing. After listening to it once, I wrote down 78%. Now that he knew in his heart that he had the attributes of elf magic, he immediately guessed that the lyrics of the ballad must be This spell of musical magic! But although Du Wei remembered 78% of them once, it happened that many of them were extremely complex and difficult tremolo and turning sounds that the human mouth could not do at all. Finally, the falling snow once again strengthened the magic of the music, and even Du Wei gradually felt that his mind could not remain ethereal, a trace of desire to move, and then the heart. Come out-after all, although this elf attribute gives him a certain magic resistance of elf magic, but after all, it is not omnipotent, under the powerful magic attack of the elf king, this magic resistance The force was soon offset by the tremendous strength of both sides. Du Wei tried desperately to resist, sweating profusely, while trying to remember the strange and difficult lyrics. He knew that there were not many opportunities to learn elf magic, so he took advantage of it. Snow now do not know, can learn more is some! Finally, just as Du Wei found that his body had stood up uncontrollably, his legs had begun to move gently, and he knew that he had reached the limit. Hurriedly shouted loudly: "Well, well!"! Falling snow, you are cruel! This time I just give up! I'm coming out! As Du Wei shouted, the song finally stopped, and Jojo and Du Wei sat down on the ground together, gasping and sweating. The voice of falling snow came in leisurely: "If I had known this, why did I have to do it at the beginning?". However Tulip Duke, even among my elves, can you hear my song of falling snow? Throat, also never had. You are the first one! Can hear me fall snow to sing this town soul song for you personally, where we are, how many people beg not to come! Du Wei snorted angrily, "What's so great about singing? When I was an aristocrat in the imperial capital, I never saw any singing and dancing girls. It's just that others want to sing." Money, you sing to death! Snow with a mocking voice came in: "Oh, Tulip Duke, it seems that you are still a little unconvinced ah!"! If you like, how about I sing for you again? Du Wei stuck out his tongue and immediately shouted, "Stop!"! Stop it! If I trouble you,endless swim pool, don't sing any more. If you sing this song too much, don't you want to die? As soon as you sing, I will.