"That great beast of the sea!" Feng Yafei has been frightened to look out of the window, those lightning under the countless waves, seems to have turned into a monster, so that she is more frightened to hide behind Shi Haoyu. Big brother, I all remember, the old man in the village once said that in the deep sea west of the coastline, there is a dangerous hurricane archipelago, which is guarded by the huge waves all the year round. It is difficult for ordinary fishing boats to get close to it. In the center of the huge waves, there is a large archipelago with hidden treasures. There are countless legends about where we are going. It is the legendary area where the Dragon God hides treasures! Mo Xiaolong said excitedly. Damn it, Dragon Treasure, are you kidding me? Shi Haoyu opened his eyes wide and asked in disbelief. Chapter 697 Hurricane Islands. Suddenly learned that this time is about to go to the archipelago waters, unexpectedly hidden in the legend of the Dragon God treasure, which makes Shi Haoyu suddenly surprised to stare big eyes. The word "treasure" is already very eye-catching, but for him, the word "Dragon God" makes him even more excited. He knew very well that in this virtual world, there was indeed a mythological dragon God. He had already seen one of the ancient dragons of the dragon clan,whirlpool hot tub spa, but this dragon only had a skeleton and a dragon soul. He had not seen what the real dragon God looked like. Moreover, the Dragon Soul presented him with a treasure map of the Dragon Tomb. As long as there is a dragon hidden nearby, he should get some hints here. Shi Haoyu hurriedly opened the package and quickly found the treasure map, only to find that nothing had happened on it, which meant that the so-called Dragon God treasure was just false news. Don't worry about the treasure. Let's get out of this sea. Shi Haoyu said. The ship was still trembling violently, and after coming out of the cabin,jacuzzi swim spa, the two men had to hold the wall to stand safely, and the surrounding environment was really very bad. Okay, we're about to get out of here. The sea ahead should be safe. Mo Xiaolong said. How can you be sure there are no big waves ahead? Feng Yafei asked curiously. You see, in the dark clouds and lightning in the sky, you can already see the moonlight, which means that it will be calm not far ahead. Mo Xiaolong smiled and pointed forward. The two men looked at the sky from the window in front of the console, and found that in the black clouds, the lightning was still shining, and the momentum was terrible, but in the black clouds, there was a faint silver light looming. "Big Brother and Big Sister, sit tight. I want to go full speed and get out of here as soon as possible." Mo Xiaolong reminded him to raise the speed of the three-sail airship to the fastest speed in an instant. Swoosh! The ship moved forward like an arrow in the big waves, China spa factory ,hot tub wholesale, and the three sails were adjusted to the side of the wind, and the full sails pushed the ship straight ahead. Boom! Dull thunder sounded around, a brilliant lightning hit the sea on both sides of the hull, a huge column of water rose into the sky, scared the big star to hide tightly behind Shi Haoyu, dare not look directly at the Tianwei scene outside. But Shi Haoyu was pleasantly surprised to find that as the airship moved forward rapidly, a silver light had appeared at the end of the black sea area ahead, and he was about to leave the dangerous hurricane waves. But at this moment, the sound of the water kept ringing, and a huge black monster jumped out of the bow. It opened its big mouth full of sawteeth and bit the bow hard. Shi Haoyu stared in surprise. The beast was dark all over, but the shape was quickly distinguished by him. It was actually a huge shark with a body length of more than ten meters! "I said there was a monster here." Mo Xiaolong did not seem to be afraid and laughed back excitedly. Stay away from such a big shark. Feng Yafei was even more alarmed. Don't be afraid. Our ship is very strong. This monster can't hurt us yet. Mo Xiaolong comforted and said. Boom! The next second, I saw the flying ship rush forward quickly, and the shark that launched the attack was knocked backward, and it no longer appeared after falling to the sea. But Shi Haoyu saw clearly that on the boiling sea around the airship, countless giant sharks jumped up from the water and surrounded the airship all the way forward. Their number is impossible to judge, and the dense giant sharks surround the airship, which seems to be ready to launch a fierce attack at any time. A lot of monsters. Are there all such giant monsters here? Feng Yafei has gradually become accustomed to the existence of these giant sharks, can not help but ask curiously. I just saw their names and colors. They should all be monsters above the elite level, but they are bigger. Shi Haoyu comforted him. These sharks are precious. If we catch one, our whole fishing village can eat it for a month. Their leather is also a precious material. Mo Xiaolong said. There are also such benefits. Shi Haoyu's eyes brightened, if you can practice here in the future, kill giant sharks every day to get experience, but also get leather living materials, it is really a good idea. "I don't want to see these sharks." Feng Yafei frowned and said. Under the tracking of a large group of giant sharks, the airship quickly crossed a huge wave, deftly circled in numerous stormy waves, and quickly rushed to the safety zone in the distance. Shi Haoyu quietly looked at the ship's trajectory, in the heart of Mo Xiaolong's control of the flying ship skills feel deep admiration, really worthy of being a senior NPC navigator, if players have such strong skills, conquering the sea is no longer a dream. It will be safe soon. The Hurricane Islands should be ahead. I can brag in the village later. I am the first person who has seen the Hurricane Islands! Mo Xiaolong shouted excitedly, driving the airship through the last few waves quickly, and finally driving the airship into a calm sea. In an instant, the dark clouds overhead were left behind, and countless lightning and huge waves were still roaring not far from the stern, but the half-crescent moon overhead was already showing, and the silver light shone on a large area of deep blue sea. And at the end of the three people's line of sight,jacuzzi bath spa, on the vast sea, there appeared a dark shadow of the sea, a large group of islands in front of the sea!. monalisa.com