Ye Xiaosan touched her chin and said to herself, "Haha, I'm silly again. How can I be feared by such a beautiful young swordsman?"? It was the little witch who, like a wild monkey, was so abominable that she snatched away the scrolls of God that I had stolen. Call me a generation of thief night small three feelings how can! It turned out that he had stolen the scrolls of God that day, and he had fought with Fan'er and lost the battle. He was really handsome, and if he didn't open his mouth, he had a voice like a Drake, and he really thought he was a delicate girl. He walked up to me and suddenly laughed, as if he saw the spring water flowing eastward. His voice clattered out: "I like gambling best. Although you are ugly, you are really popular with my generation of thieves.". The femme fatale sitting in the carriage is the most abominable. Since she bullies you, I will help you bully her. The bundle looked heavy, and even without the scrolls of God, there would be a lot of silver. Night small three on the face towel, eyes are mischievous smile: "You wait to see good play!" " So he opened the skylight and jumped out like a quick cat. As soon as I chased her out of the door, I heard Lin Wanying screaming. Then, she flew out of the window. If she fell to the ground, she would not die. As expected, Yan Qianqiu grabbed her body in midair and fell to the ground as lightly as a leaf. The scream alarmed all the people in the inn. The lights came on one by one. Ye Xiaosan stood on one foot on the eaves with Lin Wanying's peach-pink bundle on her back. Lin Wanying was still in shock, and her voice was trembling: "Quick, Brother Yan, my burden,outdoor hot tub, my burden!" Fan'er ran out of the room wearing only a light shirt. Ye Xiaosan whistled as if to provoke her: "Little witch, if I can catch up with you this time, I will recognize you as my master!" Fan'er pinched his waist and roared fiercely: "Then you can wait to kowtow!" Two shadows, one black and one white, jumped over the bamboo forest in the distance and disappeared in an instant. Lin Wanying simply sat on the ground and cried: "Oh, my silver, I have saved a few years of silver ah!"! Brother Yan, go and help me get it back! Yan Qianqiu also really suffered her temper, no matter how obedient can not help but pull out feet back to the guest room. After all, Tang Shuangxiu did not trust the bold Faner and ran after him with bamboo leaves on his toes. Worried, huh? Lin Yuejian smiled coldly at the corners of his mouth and said, "As long as Tang Shuangxiu takes me to Luanhua Villa, China spa factory ,Chinese spa manufacturer, you will all die.". It's no use worrying. Why are you looking for Luan Hua Villa? Twenty years ago, Luanhua Villa was burned down by a sudden fire. Now it is built in a very secret place. Only the descendants of the blind people know the location. Hundred Faces Demon King. Buried Heavenly Sword. Luan Hua Villa. Several unrelated words linked together, and I clenched my fists and stiffened my whole body. Lin Yuejian looked at the sky and said, "It's wonderful. On the fifteenth day of the eighth month, the moon is full, and the plum blossom fairy comes down to earth." Gold owner Sitting in the lobby of the inn until the middle of the night, Lin Wanying has been distressed by her family belongings that she has saved for several years, crying and complaining about his brother Yan's ruthlessness. Dumb girl, send Miss Lin back to her room to rest. "No, I'll wait here for them to come back." Lin Wanying probably had no place to vent her anger. She rushed over and slapped him twice: "Dead girl, can you see Brother Yan?"? Don't toad want to eat swan meat. I covered my face with pain, and the wind whistled in my ears, only to hear Lin Wanying sit on the ground with a "ah" sound, wiping a bright bloodstain on her face. Yan Qianqiu was playing with a chopstick in his hand, and his anger had distorted his beautiful face: "Lin Wanying, if you make trouble out of nothing, I promise you will be exactly the same as the mute girl's face." Lin Wanying had a look of resentment on her face. She glared at me viciously and went upstairs to her room in a huff. That look made me shiver. When Fan'er and Tang Shuangxiu came back, they were humming a Jiangnan ditty. Ye Xiaosan was tied up with five flowers. Her body was covered with mud. She was in a terrible mess. Her face was full of unconvinced expressions: "Little witch, you cheat!"! Didn't you say you wouldn't come out with that jade horn? Fan laughed three times and patted him hard on the head: "Fool, who would believe the enemy's words?"? Seeing that you are still honest and just go astray on impulse, I will spare you. Kowtow! I'll consider teaching you some sorcery. "Are you really willing to teach me witchcraft?" The light in his eyes suddenly dimmed, and he began to say to himself, "The devil will believe it.". I came to steal things again and again, and I wanted to take me apart to get rid of my hatred. Fan'er patted him on the face impatiently. "What are you muttering about?"? As long as you tell us, how do you know we have the ancient God scroll, I will accept you as an apprentice? "Liar, little witch, can you keep your word?" "Can't my brother Shuangxiu testify?" Fan'er proudly picked up the horn in his waist and waved it in front of his eyes: "There is only one chance. Maybe I will go back on my word later." Night small 3 cannot make up one's mind, look up suddenly see I stand by, ask then: "I listen to mute wench, I believe her." I nodded with an encouraging smile in my eyes. The innocence of his eyes betrayed his heart. How could such a naughty boy be an unpardonable criminal. Maybe he was used at the behest of others. Someone came to me and said that as long as I could steal the ancient God scroll, I could get ten thousand taels of gold. "If you are a thief, if you hear gold and silver, your brain will be dizzy," said the mistress of the night. Fake Lin Yuejian did not know when to also come down from upstairs, there is the excitement that cannot be ignored in calm voice: "Who ordered you to come?" "They only told me that if they got the ancient scroll, they would come to me on their own initiative.". But I haven't even seen the face of the gold owner. Night Xiaosan nervously stared at Faner's dignified face: "Little witch,endless swimming pool, you won't go back on your word and accept me as an apprentice, will you?" "When did I agree to accept you as an apprentice? I just said that I would consider teaching you some witchcraft." Fan'er yawned, "I've been tossing about all night by you smelly boy. It's almost dawn. I'm going back to rest." 。