EA lifted the cap on Madden 22 ratings for Madden 22 Coins rookies and revealed the first Madden 22 player ratings. Mac Jones, the New England Patriots new quarterback, believed that his OVR would rise to 66. The actual number was 71. Wide receiver Travis Etienne of the Jacksonville Jaguars believed that his short route running rate was 87, but it was actually 67. "Ooh! That's disrespectful, man!" In the video, he says this. This is the entire video:

Devante Adams is the most valuable wide receiver, as expected. The top five players were DeAndre Hopkins (98 OSVR), Tyreek Hills (98 OSVR), Stefon Diggers (97 OVR), Julio Jones (95 ORVR) and Stefon Hill (98 OVR). Below is the Top 10 list.

Madden NFL 22 Rating announced for Penei Sewell, Lions' first-round draft.EA Sports' annual football videogame franchise Madden NFL is just 48 hours away, meaning that another Training camp session is just a matter of time.

Every year, the football video game series is released in August. However, EA Sports makes it tradition to unveil the ratings of each player in the game within the week before its release. As part of a cooperation with ESPN and the videogames firm that produces the game, ratings for various places will be revealed on ESPN throughout the week.

Yesterday's ratings of the top ten rookies were revealed. Penei Sewell, Detroit Lions The first-round selection of Cheap Mut 22 Coins the team was among the rookies who got their first Madden rating.