Since 2020, a light has shined brightly on companies’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. In this day and age, it’s no longer optional for companies to be diverse and inclusive. If they’re not, they risk their reputation and potential revenue intake. 

Create an Employee Check-In Survey

Knowing how each member of a market research team is faring shouldn’t be a guessing game. Getting their firsthand feedback is how holes and inequities in their employee experience can be detected and mitigated. Conducting an employee check-in survey ensures all team members’ concerns are heard and allows leaders to make changes where needed.

Encourage Guided and People-Led Discussions on Important Topics

Supplement formal DEI initiatives with informal opportunities, such as guided discussions within an employee online community. These discussions can begin with a question or prompt, with team members responding to the question/prompt or other comments.

While guided discussions are important, team members should also have a space where they can take the initiative, freely converse about DEI topics and share their ideas and experiences. These discussions often result in more organic dialogue about a team’s culture, which gives another perspective that some might not have been aware of otherwise.

 Form an Internal Committee

Establishing a dedicated DEI action group composed of diverse employees can have a lasting impact on a company’s culture, as these team members share a common goal of spreading awareness and spearheading change across the organization. Committee members can brainstorm ways to improve DEI efforts, develop specific initiatives and research resources, such as podcasts, articles and organizations, that should be on a market research team’s radar.

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