Lab Glassware Storage factory
    Lab Glassware Storage factory Our History Jiangsu Alfinemed Instruments Co., Ltd is experienced and specialized in medical disposables and laboratory consumables. Our products are stable quality based on Over 10 year's continuous practice and improvement, including the best service make us reliable to all the customers. Our Product Microscope slides, Coverglass, Cyrovial Tubes, PCR series, Sample collection tubes, Culture dishes and Accessories, Glass labware. Product Application All our...
    By Freebooo Freebooo 2023-04-21 06:53:15 0 21
    OEM Available Others
    OEM Available Others Chemical Structure : SU0268 CAS No.: 2210228-45-6 聽聽聽聽 SU0268(SU 0268) Catalog No.:聽URK-V602聽Only Used For Lab. SU0268 (SU 0268) is a potent, selective, noncovalent inhibitor DNA repair enzyme 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (OGG1) with IC50 of 59 nM. 聽 Biological Activity SU0268 (SU 0268) is a potent, selective, noncovalent inhibitor DNA repair enzyme 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase (OGG1) with IC50 of 59 nM. SU0268 displays low or negligible inhibition against other repair...
    By Classiff Classiff 2023-04-06 04:51:08 0 25
    Customized VR Park
    Customized VR Park Our independently developed 5G "Flying Cinema" theme project consists of a 360 "immersive VR cinema and a multi-degree-of-freedom Parallel structure motion platform. When the audience puts on the VR head display, with the change of the content, they can feel variety of synchronous special effects such as impact. vibration, rise and fall, tilt and so on in real time, creating a thrilling experience consistent with the content of the film. Compared with other types of...
    By Classiff Classiff 2023-04-06 04:50:36 0 26
    7 Mau Giay Nu Don De Dep, Ton Dang Cap Toc
    7 mẫu giày nữ độn đế đẹp, tôn dáng cấp tốc Chúng ta của hiện tại đã không còn lạ lẫm gì với giày nữ độn đế nữa rồi. Thời nay một cô nàng hiện đại sẽ đều sở hữu một đôi giày đẹp như giày nữ độn đế đẹp nhất cho bản thân để có thể tự tin mặc mọi thứ bạn muốn. Bạn đang quan tâm về kiểu giày này thì cùng xem qua 7 mẫu giày nữ độn đế đẹp, tôn...
    By Thomas Lawton 2023-04-05 09:36:54 0 28
    China gps position
    China gps position Fragile goods transport supply chain solution using dedicated GPS tracking device XKtrack is a dedicated GPS tracking device for cargo transport that monitors cargo location and cargo transport speed in real-time. It considerably reduces the rate of damaged goods in transit through its distinctive real-time amplitude monitoring module which incorporates shock-proof supply chain solutions. Fragile items transportation challenges 1. High risk of breakage for fragile goods...
    By Djssvbuw Djssvbuw 2023-03-16 05:17:21 0 30
    China Refrigeration Parts suppliers
    China Refrigeration Parts suppliers Introduction The Air-cool Condenser is a machine part of the refrigeration system and belongs to a type of heat exchanger. It is mainly to convert the gas or vapor into liquid, transferring the heat from the tube, quickly to the air near the tube. The condenser is the equipment that puts out the heat and transfers the heat to the cooling medium to take away, so as to achieve the cooling effect. Our Air-cool Condensers strictly comply with the norms and...
    By Djssvbuw Djssvbuw 2023-03-16 05:15:51 0 29
    Vacuum Bellow
    Vacuum Bellow Specification Item:Vacuum bellow Material:SS304/SS316L Connection:Flange Head Code:Round Brand Name:YUEGUAN StandardKF / CF / ISO flange type MOQ:10PCS Shape:Equal Technics:Casting Packing:Packed in wooden case or carton or according to the customers requirement. Delivery:Ningbo port or Shanghai port Product Description: We are among the most sought after companies in offering Vacuum Bellow to our clients. This product is manufactured by our proficient experts using high quality...
    By Bgfbfr12 Bgfbfr12 2023-03-08 04:42:48 0 30
    China PLA Biodegradable T-Shirt Vest Bag Making Machine manufacturers
    China PLA Biodegradable T-Shirt Vest Bag Making Machine manufacturers 鈥?Our Factory Wenzhou Ruikang Machinery Co., Ltd. Is one of the domestic manufacturers of plastic flexible packaging machinery and equipment. Reliable product quality and honest service are well received by users, and the market share is rising. With its keen vision and creative business philosophy, the company introduces modern advanced technology and equipment, uses scientific management methods, gives full play to the...
    By Bgfbfr12 Bgfbfr12 2023-03-08 04:41:58 0 29
    Nonwoven Tablecloth price
    Nonwoven Tablecloth price Non woven Rectangular Table cover Product Introduction: Non woven Rectangular Table Cover is make by the Polypropylene Spunbond non woven Fabric. Because of its advantage , the Non woven Rectangular Table Cover is popular in many different market. Such as European market and US market and the Israel market. And it is widely using in Home appliance and restaurant and Hotel for easy cleaning . Product Advantage: * Low cost * Easy to Clean * Disposable & ECO-...
    By Xzsfef45 Xzsfef45 2023-03-02 08:23:31 0 31
    China Adult Comic Book Printing suppliers
    China Adult Comic Book Printing suppliers Our History Our factory was established in 1997. After the establishment, with the development of business and the continuous improvement of technical level, we are also making continuous progress. From the beginning of the OEM service for many customers and factories, to the independent design and production of products for customers, and finally we began to purchase our own land and machinery and equipment, and then with the change of customer...
    By Xzsfef45 Xzsfef45 2023-03-02 08:22:36 0 31
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